What I Learned from Interviewing 5 Black Female Entrepreneurs on Confidence, Life & Love

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The past few weeks I had the ultimate pleasure of sharing time with 5 of the most brilliant, talented, evolved, and inspirational black female entrepreneurs of this time.

As I was in the process of launching my first book, I had an idea to host a telesummit to not only connect and collaborate with some other FIERCE women as I embarked on this endeavor, but to also learn from them, spread the word above their books and businesses, and expose all of our audiences to the womanly wisdom out in the world.

Each woman was selected because I had connected with her in some way in the past, and it just felt right to bring us together.

After doing interviews with these 5 women this is what I learned about confidence, life, love, and success.

  1. Until You Handle the Clutter in Your Life You Will Suffer

Speaking with Life Coach Angel Richards of Hot Coaching allowed me and the audience to recognize that as women our happiness is and should be non-negotiable. She clued us all in on a simple mantra she uses in her Clutter Free Society which is “I am confident. I am clear. I am courageous.” It’s simple yet a powerful testament to live a “clutter free” life as she shared. If we aren’t careful we will overlook the fact that we have clutter in every single area of our lives that needs to be cleared.


  1. If It’s Not Scheduled, It’s Not Real

Pinning FIERCE Factor Coach, Mrs. Melody Hubbard- Robinson of FIERCE Fearless Free down was a struggle at first because she does it all, literally. Wife, author, coach, traveler, speaker, and the list goes on. The good part was she shared tips on how she slays her day daily. The most important tip I heard was to schedule everything including time with your man and with your purpose. This inspired me to start using time blocks more in my own business. It’s hard to be FIERCE when you are not using your time wisely.


  1. It Doesn’t Cost Millions to Look Like a Million Bucks

I have been admiring fashion blogger and creator of FabEllis, Mrs. Ashley Carter for quite a while. When we hopped on the phone I really enjoyed hearing her journey from feeling broken to being confident and FIERCE especially as a plus size woman like me. She shared that thrifting was something she was inspired to do from her childhood which is evident in her social media and blog posts. She admits that when you don’t feel inspired, it is important to take time for self-love and self-care to nurture yourself. You don’t have to have millions to look fly, but you do need to invest in yourself  from head to toe if you want to be your best.


  1. You Can Rule In Your Own Domain

Locally, I have seen Dr. Eboni Bell of I Dream in Color everywhere as she is a fab artist, author, wife, mother, and talk show host. However, when we came together to chat, much like the wisdom from her “All Things Woman Talk Show,” I could hear the divine wisdom ready to be unleashed. She shared how early in her marriage she had “princess syndrome,” where she wanted to be rescued and given permission from her husband. She went on to share the differences between a “princess” and a “Queen” who had dominion over her own life because she tapped into divine wisdom from God about who she should be and what she was called to do. When you know who created you (God) then you will know you worth and recognize that you were Born FIERCE just like my book says.


  1. Whether it’s Love or Career, It Requires WERK

I was excited to talk with author, speaker, and serial entrepreneur Koereylle DuBose as I have been following her for a while and I contribute to her blog on The Single Wives Club.com. When we chatted I asked her about what exactly a single wife was, and how can a woman begin preparing now and she said the real “werk” truly starts within which she discovered after a relationship that went south. She goes on to say that she includes the “e” in work and not the “o” because of the level of energy and time you must put in to becoming a better woman before becoming a wife and into pursuing your purpose and goals. She encouraged each woman to werk, pray, and slay and even has an annual conference in Atlanta where she shares the key principles women can use to accomplish this.

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