The secret to ATTRACTION that you’re MISSING

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The secret to ATTRACTION that you’re MISSING

About 6 years ago I decided I wanted to become a BOSS with men and relationships. I had finally got enough courage to leave a relationship, an

d I became obsessed with understanding why some women can attract good men and others can’t.

I took this six week course and it changed my entire perspective on myself and on men. Ironically, most of it wasn’t even about men…but about ME and what I was thinking, feeling, believing, and doing.

One of the things I was required to do was envision that there were 1,000 men outside of my door and every one wanted to be with me. It was left up to me to choose who I wanted to be.

Try it…close your eyes and imagine it (even if you have a boo). Attraction affects you whether you are single or married.

Now close your eyes and envision (or think back to a time) that a man you really like (maybe even love) not calling you for 3 days straight, betrayed you, or did something questionable.

How did your MOOD shift? See how much power you have in controlling how you FEEL at any given moment? In an instant, you can shift. In an instant you can become more magnetic. In an instant, you could become the sexiest woman alive….

But, in order to do that you have to BELIEVE you are WORTHY AND DESERVING. You have to BELIEVE that you are so damn fabulous, fierce, and fine that any man would want to love you forever.

When you BELIEVE in yourself like that…your magnetism skyrockets.

When you know you are WORTHY of good love…you inspire men to cherish you.

When you know you DESERVE the best….you will attract the best to you (or the man in yourwith will rise to the occasion)

When you know the secrets of ATTRACTION…you will always find yourself wanted by men especially high quality men and saying “I still got it” or “I never lost it”

Girl, you have so much damn POWER in relationships and as a woman…I hope you know it and if you don’t…

Please join me this Thursday, July 7 at 9PM EST/8PM CST for a live webinar on “5 Steps to Claim Your Worth & Get the Love You Deserve.”

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Register here

Your workbook will be emailed to you and if you stay until the end I am giving out a f.r.e.e. gift for hanging with me.

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