It was so refreshing to attend the Sistahs in Business Expo in Philadelphia this past weekend. I was impressed with the branding, marketing,and organization before I even arrived. I knew immediately when I saw the founder, Aisha Taylor, that this was so worth it to attend. I have attended soooo many women’s empowerment events, conferences, expos, and summits this year. I have seen the good, the bad, and the disorganized. I was refreshed throughout the entire process of attending this expo. It is so exciting to know that for it’s first time in Philadelphia that it drew 700+ women out!!

 The first 250 women to arrive for the expo also received bags!!

The Sistahs in Business Expo (SIB Expo) provides an accessible platform where women of color can significantly expand their reach and grow their businesses.  While other small business expos usually require costly vendor fees, the SIB Expo offers a more cost-effective option for small businesses, thereby guaranteeing their ability to earn more on their investment. []

This expo has already occured in New Jersey and Philadelphia, and next it will go live in Atlanta and South Carolina. I attended with my business bestie and former client, Dr. Juanita Foster.


The Philadelphia event took place on Saturday, July 14 at Temple University. The Keynote speaker was actress, entrepreneur, and now author, Vivica A. Fox who I met in the morning time. Vivica recently published her first book, Everyday I’m Hustling, in which she shares her own journey and tips on thriving as a woman entrepreneur who owns her own hair line.

Vivica emphasized the importance of being a professional, being on time, and doing your best even when you’re not where you would hope to be just yet!! As she shared on stage so beautifully that you have to see your own vision, but you have to INVEST in it as well. This resonated as I have been doing this for the last six years straight and have seen the benefits unfold as a result of it!! Yes Vivica was on point when she sat down with Emmy Nominated NBC-10 Meteorologist & Children’s Author, Brittany Shipp for a Fireside Chat.



The event also include a Super Power Panel of Women hosted by Jean Baylor.

In between the live sessions where the entire expo occurred, there were 70 vendors with a plethora of items from black children’s books, jewelry, to drunken cupcakes from the Kupcake Bar, to interior designing, and African inspired clothing, credit repair support, natural hair care products, make-up such as Mary Kary and Halo, personal body products such as Queens Crown, and more! Halo Makeup stood out as many women purchased it when they stepped off the elevator including TV One and Radio One Founder Cathy Hughes who rocked a red lip from the company.


Lastly, we learned business wisdom from TV One & Radio One Owner, Ms. Cathy Hughes and her interviewer radio personality and voice over for TV One’s Unsung Ms. Dyana Williams. The gems from both of these powerful women:

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💎 Sacrifice is necessary for a successful business. Stop looking for instant gratification and fame.
💎 You don’t have to wait for someone else to give you an opportunity, make your own thing now and soon they will be looking for you
💎 Be humble and make moves so that you can expand to different industries & markets
💎 Have an attitude of gratitude
💎 Build a great team to help you execute your vision
💎 If you learn the business of ‘show business’ you will never be broke.

The expo ended with a motivational moment from the lovely Nicole Doss.


All in all, the wisdom that I heard was refreshing and this one of the first events I’ve ever been to where I was blown away by the variety and high quality of the vendors that were present!! Every vendor table had a unique or beautiful set up and it was just so exciting to support other black owned businesses and see them win!! Aisha phenomenal job! In the future, I would love to see breakout sessions for entrepreneurs at every level, it was evident from audience questions that we had some women who were just starting in business who had some fears and needed some wisdom, and there were others who have started like myself, but would love a skilled based session or two that provided focused gems  in terms of business growth and elevation.

There was also a beautiful photo flower wall with the cutest photo frame signs. A non-profit organization from Chester, PA and Wilmington, DE, Journey Unveiled,sponsored a number of teen girls in their mentoring program to attend, and I couldn’t help but capture this moment alongside Jamillah Smith, founder and president …Vivica Fox addressed these “young Queens”  as well during the Fireside chat conversation in the morning reminding them that social media should be used for good, and not for popularity and likes.

I am so glad I attended! Please follow Sistahs In Business on Facebook, Instagram, and on their website. Networking was also a HUGE PLUS for me!! Ran into blogger and podcast host, Shamiko Reid of, which focuses on women who have complicated relationships with their fathers,  whom I had attended a Speaker’s Workshop before in Baltimore. You just never know who will be in the room, so if you have the opportunity, please attend!!