The Confident Woman Collection updatedcollection

Three guides teach you how to release negativity, attract Mr. Right, and love your body from the
inside out. Take the mystery out of how to “have it all” and be happy ever after.

Bonus: Affirmation & Prayer Cards + Ultimate Self-Love Journal

Purposed & Paid Bundle

Purposed & Paid EbookCover

Unleash your FIERCE inner boss by learning how to develop your entrepreneurial spirit so you can empower, inspire, and motivate other people to step into their greatness.

Magnetic with men kit

A kit with a step-by- step guide for women to get the love they desire and deserve. Learn how to be loveable, understand your feminine power, identify your ideal man, date like a diva, and build a healthy, romantic, and divine relationship with a high quality man, and a 21 day step-by- step guided workbook  for women to get the love they desire and deserve. Broken into 3 sections, each day you will complete an exercise that gets you one step closer to manifesting your future husband

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