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$67 (Course Zoom Replay)

$127 (Course Zoom Replay + 1on1 (60 Minute Zoom or Phone Session with Taria)

The secret to getting more sales is having the right MESSAGE, MARKETING to the right people, MAKING use of the right strategies, and having the right MINDSET about making money (because it’s truly easy!)

In this 2.5 hour masterclass, you will learn:

  • How to get more sales for your product/service using a defined systematic process that you can use repeatedly to launch, sell, and profit
  • How to position your mindset to manifest more money and attract clients/customers
  • How to pivot (or upgrade) your marketing to make sales during the pandemic
  • How to refine your MARKETING messages to MAGNETIZE your target audience 9
  • How to use FREE and PAID Strategies to build a more visible business so you get noticed in your industry including tips on how to go LIVE and profit
  • The revenue generating strategies you should be practicing daily for more sales
  • How to use social media (Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube) to gain new leaders and clients/customers
  • How to close more sales during consultations/free or introductory calls
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Course Zoom Replay ($67)
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Course Zoom Replay + 1on1 Zoom/Phone Session ($127) *BEST SELLER

This course was originally recorded during Empowerment Boss Retreat Weekend in April 2020! During that weekend women entrepreneurs woke up their FIERCE inner BOSS and unleashed a more visually appealing brand, consistent and strategic marketing on social media and beyond, and learn how to create and start offering their first online course to add another stream of income to their household to get you SEEN and PAID in no time sis!

Empowerment Boss Retreat Weekend is a value packed weekend for womenpreneurs serious about making their businesses work in 2020! Each masterclass session will be taught on Zoom with slides, examples, and practical implementation strategies that you can start using as soon as class ends.


Each class will be held on the dated listed below at 6pm EST/5pm CST/4pm MST. Replays will be available if you can’t make it live. See the entire schedule of events for the retreat weekend below!

Meet your Confidence Coach and Brand & Marketing Mentor, Taria Pritchett

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See when I launched my first course in 2014, I heard crickets. No clicks and no sales.

I was devasted because I didn’t know what to do. I went on to invest in not one but three different year long coaching programs because I was desperate to learn how to sale and market. I didn’t really get branding yet.

After spending thousands, I was able to get some new clients, but I still was missing a few things.

So I hired my first branding coach and begun learning all I could about SELLING, BRANDING, and then I fell in love MARKETING after much trial and error! I really wanted to know why some people were successful and some just were not…and I found out:

The community you build within your business is EVERYTHING!

The communication you do with your WORDS is the difference between “buy in” and “girl bye, we’re not purchasing anything from you today.”

The cash will come in when you let people know you are an investment….people will pay when they see your value, but you must SHARE that or they won’t know.

The connections you make with others will leverage you into opportunities you’ve never imagined.

Like me, here on FOX 29 this year sharing my book to the world!

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And then me here doing not ONE but two book signings at Barnes & Noble! The second was a partnership that I pitched with B & N after my first signing was so successful.

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All because I OPENED my MOUTH, BELIEVED in MYSELF, and INVESTED in learning the right strategies to become an EMPOWERMENT BO$$ that my target audience knows, likes, and trust. Oh, and of course I provide value to my CLIENTS both personally and professionally. Many of my clients, in fact, are recurring, which means they have worked me for several years and we stay connected long after they buy a course or do a program.

Now, I want to SHARE and SOW into you SIS because I want to see you win!

I empower women to manifest winning MINDSETS, high quality MEN, and more MONEY in their business as a Confidence Coach, but during this weekend I want to show you how I do this all behind the scenes with focus, intention, strategy, and FIERCE action all while still working FULL TIME and VOLUNTEERING in the community…..

….Since she is also a High School English teacher, she is a BEAST about creating learning experiences that keep people engaged, focused, organized, and transformed…

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Not only will get access to this course but you will get TWO BOSS BONUSES:


If you join for the entire weekend, you will get access to ALL of these bonuses, too!

BONUS #1:  Purposed and Paid: How to Unleash Your FIERCE Inner Boss 

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Unleash your FIERCE inner boss by learning how to develop your entrepreneurial spirit so you can empower, inspire, and motivate other people to step into their greatness.

If you read the e-book and complete the exercises + watch the classes included, you will:

  • Pinpoint your purpose and multiple ways to monetize your gifts, talents, and skills
  • Know exactly what type of mindset to adopt to step fully into BOSS mode
  • Learn the little known facts about branding, marketing, and selling that only true business bosses know with space to outline your brand and marketing plan
  • Discover the process you take people through to get them to buy from you (Sales Funnels 101)
  • Get access to a host of ideas of how to turn your purpose into products or services to offer people
  • Learn how to outline your “signature talk” if you want to be a speaker or the “chapters” in a  book if you want to be an author

See examples from other girlbosses and how they pull all of the elements of business together to impact people in a BIG way!


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Use the BOSS Brand Audit Checklist to rate yourself in different aspects of your business to see where you need to uplevel. The total amount of points are 50 on branding, business basics, and marketing. The lower your score, the more you need this retreat weekend!


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“I went to school for business and know branding, but you can’t do it all. Taria helped me take my visions and organize them, reevaluate what I have,and confirm some things I have and am working on. It’s worth it to invest in expertise outside of yourself. There is so much more I could share, but thank you Taria!!” -Tiphane Purnell, Author, Editor, Speaker, & Book Writing Coach

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“Taria thank you so much for helping me map out my workshop and prepare to give a TED talk. It was great to meet in person (before social distancing). I really appreciate all of your help. I am really fired up to work on these projects now.” -Christine Shaw, Founder of Yoga for Emotional Support

A few weeks later…

“It went really really well!  I feel it was really good. It helped me to refine my Ted talk. Everyone was engaged the whole time, not looking at their phone or looking away or leaving a room or writing things down. I told my story as you suggested and then at the end I shared what is happening now with my daughter and my husband. Then we went on tp the worksheets that you gave me as a template. Since it was two hours I took them through a full “YES” class with meditation and mindfulness, sound therapy and aroma therapy and a ritual to use daily to release. Thank you for helping me adjust my workshop for an additional hour at the last minute too!!”

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“Before coaching with Taria I was not confident in my business, and I felt that I needed a coach to help me. I found Taria, and I was so happy because she is very passionate about what she teaches. After working with Taria I came out with a product, called The Money Calendar and made a profit from the calendar. She also helped with going LIVE on Instagram. I appreciate her for helping me find the confidence within myself. I would recommend her as a coach for anyone who wants to grow their business.” – Regina Byrd, The Finance Mom

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“Before investing in all of the Unleash your Fierce Programs, I was a HOT MESS. I have always been a confident woman. But my confidence took a big hit in early 2016. I was dealing with dysfunction in almost every area of my life. I found this program right on time. As a result of investing in myself, my confidence is back, and I have to tools to keep my vibration high….Taria Pritchett is the greatest! We had a business coaching call today, and as usual she came through! After telling her my concerns, she was able to give me a detailed outline marketing plan for marketing my events. Thank you again.” – Dr. Juanita Foster

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“Black Women, Words, and Wisdom Book Signing” at Barnes & Noble was impeccably executed by Taria Pritchett. From beginning to end there was constant and thorough uplifting communication
The concept was fresh, honored our people, ancestors, history and gender. Thank you Taria for being a visionary and bringing it to pass with all of us authors to share in such a phenomenal movement at Barnes & Noble.  The best is yet to come
– Focus James,  Speaker, Life Coach, and Author of What is The Focus Of Love? 

It’s time for you to position yourself as a leading expert too! Create your FIRST Course today…

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When you register for Magnetize Your Marketing, it will give you access to the course recording and bonuses