Know Your Worth: Why You Must Teach People How to Treat You

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People treat you how you treat yourself. People talk to you how you talk to yourself. People will treat your home and possessions the way you treat them. People will do what they want to you unless you tell them otherwise. People will think about you the way you think of yourself, of course there are always exceptions to this rule.

But, you get my point right? You MUST teach people how to treat you and here’s why….

Recently Nicki Minaj was “honored” with a wax statue at Madame Tussauds  Wax Museum. The museum chose to wax her out with an image from her infamous Anaconda video where she is on all fours and barely clothed. She was excited for this statue to be put up in her honor, and so were the dozens of folks who rolled through the museum. This is evidenced through the overly sexual pictures men and women have been taken with her wax figure–kissing to humping her from behind. It has become such a problem that the museum claims they will have security present and is rethinking her figure.

Problem: Nicki presents an (overly sexual) image that the museum took at face value. She has also acknowledged that she is flattered by these type of pictures. She teaches us that she can be viewed in this manner, and as a result people take advantage of this. She also teaches us that her confidence comes from men and not within.

Lesson: People treat you how you think of yourself. At her core, Nicki is worthy (whether she believes that or not)! But, what she presents shows she thinks otherwise. Therefore, the museum thought it was okay to position her in a way that reflects her as a sexual object.

On the flip side, TV personality, author, entrepreneur, and basketball wife LaLa Anthony was recently accused of cheating on her basketball star hubby Carmelo Anthony with a c list, one hit wonder rapper, Maino a few years ago. However, most blog and social media posts flooded the internet denied that Lala would ever do such a thing.

Problem: There is none! Just a reminder that there will always be something or someone to come for you, especially when you are fully in your power.

Lesson: As a result of Lala’s reputation of knowing her worth and presenting herself in a confident, successful, and empowered manner her fans couldn’t even fathom these allegations to be true.

Why? Because she teaches people how to treat her based on how she dresses, how she talks, how she walks, how she presents herself on TV, how she carries herself in the movie roles she takes on, how she interacts with her husband, and so on.

As a result, her and her husband made a cute yet funny video to tell the world that it is in fact a lie, and they are still happily married.

See they can do that because they know their worth, and they know their value, and they know that no matter what? People are watching. People are talking. So while they don’t give a damn what people think…their video teaches other people how to treat them and their marriage.

Though I will be the first to tell you NOT to give a damn what other people think.

….Because you shouldn’t! But if you don’t learn anything else, please, please, please TEACH other people how to treat you. You are responsible for the beauty, brilliance, and purpose you put out into the world. Make it count. Make it memorable. Make it honorable.


It’s not about others, but about how YOU think about yourself and how you present yourself to the world. There is beauty in knowing your worth and presenting yourself as a confident powerhouse of a woman!


Do a quick selfie check right now and readjust accordingly: 

  • What impression does my image convey to others?
  • Who, if anybody, do I need to reteach or teach how to treat me?
  • Who must I forgive who may have treated me wrong in the past?
  • Do I post images/statuses on social media that reflect an empowered woman?
  • What is my personal brand? How can I improve this?

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  • Do you agree?
  • What did you discover about yourself doing the selfie check?


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