You know how CONFIDENT you feel after you just get your hair done, walk out the nail salon, have a pleasant date with a man with potential, get a promotion at work, find random money on the ground, have a good weekend, wear a new dress that makes you look slim, or help other people out who are less fortunate…

We love that feeling though for many women it is “TEMPORARY” and doesn’t last long because as soon as you feel good you are then reminded that…

  • You are fat and overweight
  • You’re not where you want to be in life (especially compared to your friends)
  • You can’t find the right man to save your life
  • Your finances are a hot mess
  • You don’t look like society’s ideal of beauty perfection
  • You have unworthy people in your life who you can’t seem to let go of
  • You have a job but it is not ideal
  • You made mistakes in the past that still haunt you
  • You don’t think you are GOOD ENOUGH


 But, what if you could make “confidence” feel more permanent in your life?

How would your life change then?

Where you instead love and embrace your back fat rather than loathe it or you still love and accept yourself even when other people say negative ish to you

The only way to have consistent confidence is OWNING your worth. It is not enough to just know you are worthy, but you have to start owning it. Not renting it for certain occasions or leasing it for a short while…I’m talking full out OWN your worth like you would own a car or house or your favorite pair of shoes.

When you own something….you take GOOD care of it, you nurture it, you show it off, you make sure it is in good condition, and so on….

It’s time for you to STEP up, OWN your worth, and fearlessly make moves in your life that are in “stall mode” because your negative thoughts and beliefs hold you back every time…..

I wanted to personally invite you to join my f.r.e.e 5 day “Own Your Worth” Challenge:

During this value packed challenge, you will learn how to:

  • Identify what is blocking you from thinking you’re not good enough as you are
  • Walk, talk, think, act, and look like a worthy, confident, bad ass woman
  • Embrace your imperfections and love yourself (despite years of thinking otherwise)
  • Overcome “perfection paralysis,” fear, and doubt
  • Take ownership over your negative beliefs and the perception you have of yourself
  • Trust yourself and finally see how deserving you are of having it all