It’s All In Me: Why Confidence is My God Given Birthright

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It’s All In Me: Why Confidence is My God Given Birthright

Guest Post By: Cheryl Peavy

Self-confidence is the power to push through conformity into a place of self-love, while trusting in your own abilities and qualities. My confidence has grown exponentially since sharing my vulnerabilities and strengths. Yet and still, our self-confidence can be derailed because of the opinions of others.

Before we point the accusatory finger at them, we ought to realize the crucial part they’re playing in our development. Their antagonism is a spiritual test: The doubt they try to instill in us is only to test how sure we are about our God-given path. Those aware that they’re on a purpose-filled journey come across roadblocks and detours in order to strengthen their awareness and faith. Those things are a Divine reminder not to stop, but to push forward despite the opinions of others. Obstacles are confirmations of the path you are taking.

I’ve had my own bouts with building self-confidence.

I was bullied as a child. I had my hair pulled, lunch money taken and I was teased because I was an easy target. I didn’t stick up for myself. The repetition of these attacks during my formidable years affected my self-confidence and my ability to seek out the things I desired because I lacked not only the trust in myself but the courage to step out of my comfort zone.

I wanted to play basketball, run track, cheerlead and be in the drama club, but since I always talked myself out of trying out for any activity because I wasn’t “good enough”, I didn’t. I became a spectator in my life, watching others enjoy the things I wanted to while I wallowed in self-pity. Although my mother tried her best to encourage me, her attempts never stuck and I took my self-defeating characteristics into adulthood. I missed out on a lot of opportunities because of them and often wondered just what purpose I served on this earth.

Things changed for me once my mother passed away. I became depressed, lonely, and I felt like an orphan. I was tired of feeling lost and disconnected. I called out to God and once I did I was forced to take a good honest look at myself. He then revealed to me just who I was and the truth of my divine purpose. Those truths began to solidify within me and it gave me the courage I needed to take baby steps towards rebuilding my self-confidence.

Each day my confidence grows and so does my responsibility. The responsibility I now have for myself takes me out of my comfort zone into a place where self-development is needed. I was recently challenged via Facebook to participate in a ninety-day video project where I share my purpose with others. This experience has allowed me to see myself in a different light: a light that’s only going to shine bigger and brighter. I love the new direction I am heading into.

The Bible touches on the importance of confidence. Psalm 27:3 refers to the importance of having confidence:

Though an army besiege me, my heart will not fear; though war break out against me, even then I will be confident.

The most influential people had their own challenges when it comes to maintaining self-confidence. Oprah also speaks on the topic saying:

“Don’t back down just to keep the peace. Standing up for your beliefs builds self-confidence and self-esteem.”

Confidence is a key aspect to your success. Let no one deter you from your goals, dreams, and passions, desp

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ite what is said or what may appear later down the road. Not everyone is going to like you and even those you consider a friend may not be in your corner. Let their actions determine their motives.  Let your confidence determine yours.

The world may not be ready for what you are called to do, but as long as you know that you’re walking a pre-ordained path, continue to push through. The confidence of the Lord is your strength. Let the doubt of others be your determination.

Be strong in who you are. Love yourself and all your components. Enjoy your journey and don’t settle along the way. Be confident. Be grateful. Exercise your body and your right to walk in God’s glory. Be amazing. Be confidently you, as you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Meet Cheryl


My purpose in life is to be in the position of helping other women with support. No matter what it is, I WILL be here for YOU!

Young girls and women of diverse backgrounds faced with traumatic life situations are nurtured and supported resulting in abundant personal growth and transformation through my live events, and online courses from a certified coaching specialist! I’m Cheryl Milliner Peavy, The Inner Love Catalyst.



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