Congrats boo! You’ve have grown more than you thought! 

One thing I think we don’t give ourselves enough credit for is HOW FAR WE’VE COME because we can be so stuck on us not being good enough in this moment. Girl, you’ve have overcome, succeeded, failed, got back up, triumphed, and you’re still standing! 

I am PROUD of you because you’ve come so far from where you use to be…here are the signs to tell:

You have grown (or are in the process of growing) if: 

1. You set boundaries and other people are uncomfortable (that means it was needed)

2. You no longer try to do and save everyone you come in contact with

3. You prioritize yourself, self care, and your purpose more than ever

4. You do stuff anyway even when it doesn’t feel good but you know it’s right

5. You can move forward without being attached or obsessed to people, places, and things

6. You say NO more easily now and know you are still a good person

7. You understand that your family members and parents are human (which doesn’t justify their behavior) but you have a new level of awareness

8. You do things for yourself that you didn’t use to do 

9. You are wise enough to honor your values and standards where in the past you may have tolerated or accepted more

10. You don’t have to be liked by everyone and everyone doesn’t have to agree with your choices 

If you’re still working on these, it’s ok! You are in the process and will see the other side before you know it. This is a lifelong journey! 

If it’s a struggle then I highly encourage you to work with a Confidence Coach (as in me!) or  book a session with a licensed mental health practitioner. 

Here are some of my favorite spots to find therapists of color: 

Therapy for Black Girls
Black Female Therapists
National Queer & Trans Network for Therapists of Color
Open Path Collective
Talk Space
Psychology Today 

You can hire me in a few years once I finish my current Master’s degree and get certified in Mental Health Counseling too! You may not hear from me as often right now because I’m back to school by the way. I’m working behind the scenes so that I can serve people in our tribe even better! 

P.S. Hope you enjoy these questions. If not, make it a priority this week/weekend to spend some me time journaling or thinking these though.

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