How to Set Goals with God in Mind

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Renew simply means to RECOMMIT!

Yes, just like with your Netflix subscription, cable bill, or even driver’s license.

As you are reflecting and setting goals for the new year, it is easy to write things down or tape things to a vision board, however it is much harder for you to take action and follow through with your COMMITMENTS.

Often we get stuck in complacency, convenience, and comfort zones which prevent us from moving forward like we should.

Before new years, you need to RENEW YOUR COMMITTMENT TO YOURSELF AND GOD (or whatever higher power you believe in)

You can do this by simply by putting your hand over your heart, and verbally saying,

“I recommit myself to you God. I say “yes” to whatever is you want to do, become, or to have. I also recommit to taking care of myself, fulfilling my God-given calling, using discernment, being guided, knowing my worth, and loving myself unconditionally.”

It’s that simple, if you really want to solidify this commitment then you can amplify it by lighting candles, doing it during a bath,  journaling before or after, and including the things you need to release right before saying this.

As we prepare for 2018, I want you to think BIGGER too!

I’m sure you’ve probably wrote out your vision and goals in the 2018 FIERCE Dream Life Planner, but did you write goals that could were GOD SIZED (meaning you would need HIS help to accomplish it? Or did you play small or just write an okay goal?)

Blogger Christian Mills of Hustle + Grace brought this to my attention yesterday when she broke it down like this….

To make this more practical, let me show you how I took some of my goals from good goals to God sized goals.

Good goal: I want to help so many more people find solutions through it works.

God sized goal: I will help 100 people improve their quality of life through it works in 2018.

Good goal: I want to pay off some of my debt.

God sized goal: I will pay off all of my credit card and collections debt in 2018.

Good goal: I want to go on my first missions trip next year.

God sized goal: I will go on my first missions trip in 2018 and it will be fully funded.

Good goal: I want to travel more.

God sized goal: I will take two trips within the states and two trips out of the country.

So today I encourage you to plan BIGGER and renew your COMMTMENT to God as we move into 2018.

You might NOT know the HOW, but that’s why we hav

e faith that it will all work out by the grace of God.

Happy Goal Setting!!!

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