How to Release Negativity & Gain Clarity

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The greatest gift you can give to yourself is the gift of CLARITY, FOCUS, AND SELF-LOVE.

Once you RELEASE the old….

Once you RENEW your commitment to God….

Then it’s time to SPEAK into existence that you are WORTHY of what God has for you.

Do this simple yet life changing exercise RIGHT NOW….

1.      Watch this video and say, “I release all my fears, doubts, and worries. I am worthy of [insert everything you have been desiring but has been delayed, blocked, or not coming into fruition yet i.e. your husband, finances, your health, confidence, and so on]


As you watch the water, negativity and resistance is released.

2.      Comment in the FACEBOOK GROUP,  and tell me that you “RECEIVE” this activation of worthiness, focus, and love into your life.

I did this exercise this morning and felt the sweetest peace right after. Give it a try and let me know if you receive it. Then within the next week stay open to a SHIFT in your life. Be sure to share the new things that God does in your life as we enter the new year.


It’s now your turn to EVOLVE, ELEVATE, & EXPAND:


This brand new 70 minute class will teach you:
-10+ prayers to use to activate clarity and direction from God
-7 tasks to complete to release and ready yourself for 2018
-3 step method to strengthen your prayer life
-9 practices to help you unleash new opportunities into your life in the new year

You will walk away from this class knowing:
-How to position yourself for your next season/new year
-How to figure out what God wants you to do “NEXT”
-How to get unstuck in your life and relationships
-How to walk away from people that no longer serve you
-How to protect yourself around negative energy/people
-How to manifest new opportunities and desires into your life
-How to stay positive when negative, self-sabotage, and fear pop up


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FIERCE Quotes to Live By

If any woman feels she needs anything beyond herself to legitimate and validate her existence, she is already giving away her power to be self-defining, her agency

— bell hooks

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