Even though you are GROWN! It doesn’t matter how old we are…we all still crave a mother’s touch, a mother’s shoulder to cry on, a mother’s love, and a mother’s acceptance of who we are.

The truth of the matter is…

We don’t always get in a mother what we desire.

Others get a great mother and are enjoying our time with her… while others lose her too soon.

Then there are others of us who become mothers and still wonder, “am I going to mess my child(ren) up?” or “will I ever get time to myself again?”

Of course, there are still some of us still hoping to become mothers, have felt the pain of almost becoming mothers, or mother in other ways as aunties and mentors in our communities.

Regardless of where you stand in your own “MOTHERING,” as women it is very important to remember that to thrive (not just survive) you have to learn how to MOTHER YOURSELF.

Most of us don’t realize how great of an impact our mothers have on us.

Your evolution as a woman is deeply rooted in your mother’s beliefs, actions, and thoughts of herself and her life.

As you keep moving forward in your life, it is crucial that you learn how to nurture, love, and fulfill yourself. Doing more of this decreases your need to look outside of yourself for love, validation, and permission.

Here are a few ways to start tapping into your “inner mother”:

  • Forgive your mother for any deficits in your childhood
  • Consistently affirm your worth, esteem, and beauty
  • Set up boundaries and follow them
  • Show up for yourself when you need it most
  • Check in with yourself daily (journaling is best–about your day, your feelings, your worries, your doubts, your successes, and your accomplishments)
  • Start doing the things you wished you did as a little girl or with your mother
  • Do something your mother wouldn’t agree with as a child but that really represented who you really are,  and see how you feel–if it made you happy–do it again!

Lastly, get a picture of you as a child, and write your “younger self” a love letter as if you were her mother. Affirm her. Empower her. Tell her all the great things your mom told/taught you or say what you would have wanted her to tell you.

By doing this, you are strengthening your relationship with your inner self which is a surefire way to help you, heal, evolve, and UNLEASH your FIERCE as a woman!

If you feel like you need to take this deeper, especially if you had a neglectful, abusive, or unworthy relationship with your mother, get support from a coach, counselor, therapist, or healer.

Note that by choosing to mother yourself, you are choosing to love yourself which doesn’t mean you don’t love your own mother or others in your life.

It means that you love yourself ENOUGH to nurture yourself as you continue on this journey of life.


FIERCE Self-Reflection:

How will you choose to mother yourself going forward? How will you pass this on to younger women in your life?

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