How to Love Yourself Fiercely

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How to Love Yourself Fiercely

“Don’t allow your issues to become your identity.” – Yah Hughes, Made for Purpose

As women we must always remember this truth: we are born fierce and made for purpose.

The moment we forget this….

The moment we get distracted away from this…

The moment we compare our shortcoming with someone else’s success…

The moment we try to fill this with men and relationships….

We will feel like we are lacking, not enough, and unworthy.

But we are truly whole and complete.

We must remember that the “issues” that we carry can be healed.

If we’re not careful those issues will become our identity.


I’m just saying….

Remember that you can always end a subscription that has run its course.

Remember that you can always write something new.

Remember that what’s printed can be deleted and started over.

You love your self(ie) fiercely by handling your issues, identifying how you can do better, and including more quality time to really get to know and love on yourself.

Learn how to do just that….Listen to the empowering interview I had last night with coach, minister, purpose activator, and author Yah Hughes here.

Yah Hughes is a celebrated speaker, trainer and educator. With more than 15 years experience speaking, educating and leadership development, Yah infuses her passion, purpose and skill set to create a dynamic and purposeful experience. She is the founder of Made for Purpose, a community organization that partners with women to provide emotional wellness, self love and motivation. Yahshikiah is the author of Made Whole: A Woman’s Journey from Painful to Powerful. A life changing account of how she traded fear for faith, doubt for destiny and pain for purpose

How to Love Your(selfie) Fiercely Empowerment Audio

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On this call, you will learn:

  • How to find love within yourself
  • The key to discovering your purpose
  • The importance of “being alone”
  • Where your “purpose” really comes from
  • The key to handling a “bad day”
  • How to overcome shame

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I will not have my life narrowed down. I will not bow down to somebody else’s whim or to someone else’s ignorance

— bell hooks

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