Group Coaching Program


Go from Stuck, Struggling, & Settling to Fierce, Confident, & Unstoppable in 6 weeks


Unleash Your Fierce is a six-week group coaching experience that will help you step fully into your power and become a stronger, more confident, AND more powerful woman. 

At the core, this program is about helping you raise your

standards and then showing you how to make things happen

that align with those new standards.

Because you’re just as FIERCE as the next woman.

And in this program, I’ll prove it to you.

Vogue Italia

Vogue Italia


•She’s fearless and bold

•She’s whole and complete

•She loves herself, her body, and her life

•She is sexy, sophisticated, and powerful

•She is magnetic to high quality men

•She walks in her purpose fearlessly

•She is abundant and prosperous

•She believes herself worthy of the throne: Queen!

•She is committed to her personal growth and development -She invests in herself -She takes good care of her body from the inside out

•Sounds like a dream to have all of that at once, doesn’t it?

•I’m here to show you it’s actually simpler than you realize when you have the right plan and group behind you cheering you on.

Imagine having:

• Unstoppable confidence and being unbothered by what others think

• Total security in who you are and the incredible gifts you have to offer the world

• A proven way to handle negative emotions and experiences that seek to throw you off track

• It all together and feeling in complete control over yourself and your life

• Knowing how to attract high quality men (especially Mr. Right) and more money into your life

• A high level of self-love, self-compassion, and self-resilience, and self-worth

• More like-minded girlfriends who love, respect, and show up for you like you do for them

• Discipline to nurture your body, mind, and soul and practice self-care regularly

• The feeling of being a “total success” instead of a “hot ass mess”

• Your dreams come alive, your goals accomplished, and your vision board a reality

If you could see yourself saying, “damn, I need this in my life” then keep reading because you’re about to find out how go from “stuck” to “unstoppable….

In case, we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet, I’m Taria-confidence coach, speaker, and author.

I mentor women through a spiritual yet practical journey on how to embrace the good within themselves, transform their perspective on self-worth, stand in their power, unlock their confidence, and create an ideal life full of love, happiness, and success.


My clients have become more sure and confident, launched businesses, wrote books, attracted new relationships (some after years of being single…I’m talking over 5 years), decreased debt, changed careers, stepped into their purpose finally, lost weight, master their emotions, and stopped allowing social media to cause them envy.


They all took action by doing the work in the program. Each week they spent quality “me” time with themselves watching the videos, reflecting with the worksheets, and uncovering the blocks in their lives that were holding them back.

They believed in themselves (even if it felt fake at first)…hung in there until the end. And made big changes in their life at their own pace.


If you’re as serious as feeling better, looking better, and living better-I invite you to join this program.


This program will show you how to make all of this happen.


Here is what we’ll cover each week:

Week 1: Find Your FIERCE


Discover your EDGE…the God given spark, purpose, and beauty that is in you.

Week 2: Ignite Your Inner Queen

Discover how to OWN your FIERCE by releasing toxic sh*t that doesn’t serve you, and create a NEW story about yourself that will attract your dream life

Because you can’t be a QUEEN thinking like a PEASANT!

Week 3: Elevate Your Confidence

Raise your confidence from within by becoming mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually aligned.Once you learn how to talk the talk (your mindset), it’s time you learned how to walk the walk (be your authentic self)

Week 4: Raise Your Men + Money Magnetism

Upgrade your relationship + money mindset, discover the connection between the two, and learn how to up the ante to attract better men and more money to you.

It’s all about your VIBE.

Week 5: Cultivate Your Sexiness

Awaken your feminine power and deepen your level of self-love. Learn how to nurture your body, your sensuality, and elevate your sex appeal.

Week 6: Empower Yourself Daily

Develop a simple yet powerful ritual for keeping your motivation and confidence HIGH all the time.

You’ll get:

• Weekly video lessons

• Weekly fun exercises that will help you get more fierce each week

• Daily prayers to help you stay spiritually grounded

• Three Confidence Masterclass Audios

• 1- on-1 Coaching Call (Optional)

• Group Coaching Call + Live Q & A (optional)


Plus, these fierce bonuses:

Bonus #1: The Confident Woman Collection ($147 value)

Learn how to get your mind right, attract Mr. Right, and get your body tight.



Bonus #2: Confidence Affirmations ($27 value)

Use this private bank of affirmations to create affirmation cards daily



Bonus #3:  Master Your Mindset Audios ($37 audio)

Use these audios when you experience a setback or negative experience. These short audios will remind you of your power and keep you focused on the positive.

mindset audios

Bonus #4: Journaling 101: The Power of the Pen ($37 value)

Get access to my S.T.O.P. journaling method to effectively handle any and all negative emotions and experiences that seek to throw you off track or ruin your day to day life. Go beyond traditional writing about your day to use journaling as a real tool for healing.


Bonus #5: Lifetime Access

You can access any and all of the materials beyond the six weeks at any point in time when need a confidence reset or remind yourself of how amazing your truly are (even when you doubt it or something pops up that throws you off)

Unleash Your FIERCE Program Booklet (1)



“Now that I’ve finished the program I feel confident, charming, and beautiful. My favorite parts of the program were the weekly videos, coaching calls, and one on one coaching call with Taria. The homework assignments have helped me see how awesome I am and the flaws I can work on. I’ve also stopped calling myself a hot mess.”

-Sasha Robinson



“This program made me dig very deep and forced me to stop making excuses for not being or getting what I want. Since joining I have been able to see myself in a new way, discovered more of who I am and what my desires are.”

– Kim Haynes



“So this morning I did have my meltdown as I finally realized” the guy” was just not that into me. HOWEVER, I’m proud of myself for getting in my prayer closet, crying and letting it go. I’m even more proud that I went to the mirror and affirmed myself and decreed myself whole, happy, beautiful and worthy of love. If this were last year, I would still be lying in bed the whole day. Now I’m dressed and extremely elated, happy and on my way to get my passport. Again, this all started with YOU!! Thank you for being that light for sooooo many women and myself!!! YOU ROCK!!!”

-Shana Robinson


“The results that I have achieved since taking this program are greater confidence in myself, inner strength, and release from baggage that was holding me down.”

-Juanita Foster


It’s your time!

This is your YEAR  sis!