Free Angela: 6 Reasons Why It is Necessary for the Empowerment of Black Women

Select Page Free Angela: 6 Reasons Why It is Necessary for the Empowerment of Black Women

“Radical simply means ‘grasping things at the root.’ “- Angela Davis

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What do you do when a scholar and revolutionary is telling their story to the world? You buy a ticket, you sit up and you listen. You watch. You let your mind be inspired and your soul to be empowered to continue fighting for the justice that is still not served.

Free Angela is a moving documentary that goes beyond putting a name to a face, but it details the story most of us have never heard. The story of political activist, author, and scholar  Angela Davis hits theaters Friday, April 5.

Watching her story gives us the once in a lifetime opportunity to hear from a brilliant, brave, and beautiful woman who rocked an entire nation because of her belief in our right to be free and fair in a society that rather we not be.

Here are five reasons why this documentary is necessary for the empowerment of black women:

1. Our Story is Being Told on the Big Screen (which is Rare!)

Very rarely are the stories of women of color especially black women documented and put on the big screen. It is necessary for all people to view stories like this that seek to inform and educate people of the truth behind a period in American history that few know about in great detail. It is so important that we get to the root of our people’s stories and lives so we can fully understand what they endured.

2. Knowing Our Foremothers Successes and Struggles Gives Us Strength

Hearing and seeing Angela tell her story with image and footage from the time period gives us strength. Knowing that she lived, endured, and conquered, and is still fighting gives us hope that we too can speak up for what we believe to be right!

3. Only Knowing Her Name is Not Enough

We know her name, but few know her actual story. This isn’t exactly what it is being taught in schools. The more knowledge African-American women are given about the women who came before them, the better they understand themselves and accept who they are and the culture they were born into.

4. The Issues Addressed are Still Relevant

All the issues that were of concerned to Angela are still relevant today. Issues such as mass incarceration are still a major issue in today’s society which affect black women enormously. This documentary could inspire women to join the fight against oppressive forces that seek to destroy communities of color after seeing Angela’s bravery in the film.

5. Show Women that Their Voices Matter & Their Activism Is Still Needed

This documentary is necessary because it shows women that their voices are needed, and that the revolution may have started long ago but it is still a need to fight for what is right in our society. Lastly, I watched Angela speak last year at my alma mater, and I still remember chilling statistics she gave out about the imprisonment of black men which did spark in my mind that I could be doing more to fight for social justice. In turn, the more women who hear Angela, the more empowered they will become.

6. Forces Viewers to Reexamine The Way the World Works

When Angela speaks you can hear the eloquence of an empowered and educated woman who challenges listeners to rethink the world we live in. Her words are necessary if we are to spark change in our communities, and free people from oppressive mindsets.


See Free Angela in Select Cities starting Friday, April 5.    

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Why do you think Free Angela is an important documentary for women of color to watch?


  1. roni faidaroni faidaon April 1, 2013 at 1:39 pm

    I haven’t even heard about this. Thanks for sharing!

    • Regal RealnessRegal Realnesson April 1, 2013 at 2:52 pm

      Glad you learned about it here Roni! Check to see if it is coming to a city near you.

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