Finding Sweet Strength in Strife: How to Make “Lemonade” Out Of Your Past & Pain

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“When life gave me lemons, I made Lemonade.”

– Hattie, Jay-Z’s grandmother

We are all given lemons.

No one is exempt. It doesn’t matter whether you are beautiful, a millionaire, and famous or average, broke, and homeless.

What matters though is not the LEMONS you receive, but how you squeeze them, mix them, combine them, and stir them to a new level of sweetness in your life.

Our pain.

Our past.

Our fear.

Our failures.

Our setbacks.

Our settling.

It all serves a purpose. To push you. To grow you. To mold you into becoming the woman you were destined to be.

It hurts like hell sometime, but it isn’t about “the load but about how you carry it,” according to Lena Horne.

It isn’t the lemons, but how you perceive them.

You can see the lemons as disasters there to destroy you and your life (a la cheating from your man, someone passing away, being rejected yet again, feeling unworthy yet again, etc.)

Or you can see the lemons as a place of GROWTH…the place of stepping through your womanhood and evolving to the next level.

As Beyonce’ eloquently and creatively shows in her visual album, Lemonade, the stages we go through to heal, evolve, and grow as women.

From chapters like “Intuition” to “Denial” to “Anger” to “Apathy” to “Emptiness” to “Accountability” to “Reformation” “Forgiveness” to “Resurrection” to “Hope” to and “Redemption”


In chapter 1, Beyonce’ reads poetry from Warsan Shire’s brilliant poem, “For Women That Are Hard to Love,”

“I tried to make a home out of you”

This implies making a home out of a man, however, how often do we try to make homes out of every damn thing around…all in the name of “bootleg happiness™”

We try to make homes out of our men, make-up, money….our children, career, church….food, friends, and family….

All the while we are stuck in denial which often to leads to anger and frustration about why we aren’t further ahead in our lives, relationships, or careers.

It’s time you start holding yourself accountable for the way in which you PERCEIVE the lemons in your life-past and present.

It’s time to practice self-forgiveness and resurrect, redefine, and recreate who you are and what you stand for. Just like Bey did with this album. You, too, can do this with your life.

This is what she is trying to teach us…that when life throws your lemons (and it will)…you have to learn how to make LEMONADE.

The sweet, “make you want to smack your mama” kind.

Strife is to be expected.

Struggle is a part of the process.

Sweetness is available only to those women who are willing to go OUT.

The only way OUT is THROUGH.

As you go through, the hope will always be at the end of the tunnel.

Go through your lemons and come through on the other side stronger, fiercer, and more confident than you’ve ever been.

This is how you become Unbreakable. Unshakeable. Unmessablewith.

Like Bey said her grandmother always said, “Nothing real can be threatened.”

… that means you….you can’t be threatened. Only redeemed. Only saved. Your only option is to make LEMONADE.

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