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This year alone my relationship with God has went from 80 to 10

,000 because my prayer life has gotten stronger! When I tell you, we are connected, we are TIGHT!

I can be in a room and feel the presence. I can talk to someone and get a divine download. I can be sleep, have a dream, and wake up with a word for someone that changes their whole life.

I can ask God to shower me with his love and show me how he sees me…then I walk into work and people are complimenting me  left and right.

I can ask a question for clarity and within 72 hours get a response. Wow!

I have even asked for confirmation on something even when it doesn’t look or feel comfortable in the regular world, but he will confirm it positively over and over no matter how many times I ask.

How because I’ve learned TWO disciplined practices that I do every day that allows me to tap into this FIERCE Godfidence that I have grown into. It does take work, do you want to learn

What have you been needing CLARITY on?

Where have you been feeling STUCK?

What do you need to release before 2018?

What do you need to keep doing?

Who is meant to be in your life and who is not?

What do you need to say “NO” to more?

What is your PURPOSE here on earth ?

Why are you NOT MARRIED yet?

What is your next BEST move?

Now I can guide you to these answers all day, but there is really only one TRUE way to get the real answers….that’s to go to my father, the ultimate life coach: GOD!

I know you ALREADY pray, but lately when I talk to several women in the Unleash Your FIERCE community, I find myself suggesting over and over again, that it’s not how much you pray but what you are actually SPEAKING out of your mouth.

Can I teach you some new, focused prayers to SHIFT things in your life?

I’m talking….

A shift in clarity.
A shift in your purpose.
A shift in your confidence.
A shift in your mindset.
A shift in focusing more on yourself.
A shift in your relationships.
A shift in your finances.
A shift in your health.

We often wish, worry, wonder, and wait for God to show up…

But what if we approached it differently….what if I told you that you could receive clarity on something you’ve been unsure of for months? Years? with just the power of your WORDS!!



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Take the kinks out of your mind not your hair

— Marcus Garvey

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