How to Be More Vulnerable

  Let me tell you….OPENING up to a man can be hard. Being yourself in the presence of a man can be hard. Especially…if you’ve never been in a relationship, haven’t dated in a while, or your past relationship left you hurt. In my own head, I’ve thought, “damn, I... read more

5 Ways to Raise Your Magnetism

See whether you are… Single, dating, or married….there is a message that I want you to really understand. As a woman you have a tremendous POWER over what happens in your relationships. It might not seem like it, but God gave you a special power….a feminine power that... read more

An Open Letter Penned By a Daddyless Daughter

  Guest Post- Author: Shanti Ray Tears welled up in my eyes as I watched several women/daughters tell their story in part one of a two-part series: Daddyless Daughters. On so many different levels I could relate. Why, their story was my story… My Daddyless Daughter... read more

How to Overcome Feeling Needy & Insecure

Guest Post-Author: Janicia Moore A couple of months ago, I was in a really dark place. I had just moved back to Washington, DC with a new job and was visiting a mentor I had promised to catch up with. We started talking about cute things like how my new job was going,... read more

How to “Mother” Yourself as a Grown Woman

Even though you are GROWN! It doesn’t matter how old we are…we all still crave a mother’s touch, a mother’s shoulder to cry on, a mother’s love, and a mother’s acceptance of who we are. The truth of the matter is… We don’t always get in a mother what we desire. Others... read more

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