In the wake of Black Lives Matter becoming more prominent in EVERYONE’s household and in the whole world right now, it is crucial for you to continue to process your emotions and also examine how you’ve been impacted by it as a woman of color especially as a black woman.

Take some time to sit back and reflect on the following:

  • How am I feeling right now? What do I need to feel better?
  • How have I been impacted by protests and the Black Lives Matter movement?
  • How informed am I about voting, policy making, school board elections, community initiatives, and candidates in my area?
  • When is a time when I can remember feeling like I had to silence myself or change myself to fit in within society’s perception of beauty, professionalism, or womanhood?
  • How have stereotypes about black women impacted your confidence, feeling not good enough or undeserving? (i.e. angry black woman, Jezebel, welfare mother, mammy, etc)
  • What are my gifts? How can I use these to make the world a better place?
  • How informed am I about the impact systemic racism and oppression have on black and brown girls & women through centuries? How can I increase my awareness and help make more change?
  • What books and movies can I watch to continue deepening my own understanding and knowing my own history?

Use a journal and then use these to help you process your emotions, determine where to donate, figure out how your purpose is connected to this powerful movement, and to help you with conversations with others including allies and children.

Since we are gifted in multiple ways, there are so many ways you can get involved whether it is providing food, being in the frontlines, capturing stories, teaching anti-racist lessons to others, having uncomfortable conversations with your children and family, updating on your own knowledge about history, politics, and action that can be taken, etc.

Being clear helps you to better understand how this connects to you in a world that is shifting oh so fiercely!


  1. What did your reflection reveal?
  2. How do you want to work to help make change in that area?
  3. How informed on you on the impact of privilege and white supremacy on the lives of black women and girls? In education? In criminal justice system? In healthcare? In entrepreneurship?