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9 Things to Leave in 2019 As you continue on your journey to being FIERCELY confident, here’s what you must leave behind in 2019:

1.The fear that you are not good enough

You have made too much progress and survive way too many things to think you are still not qualified or just as worthy as the next woman.

2.The expectation that God is going to do what you want

God doesn’t give you what you want, he gives you what you need based on what he NEEDS you to do and who he needs you to BECOME.

3.The unhealthy thoughts that consume your mind

Your beliefs are running your life and if you let it get to out of hand, it could cause damage that ruin’s your opportunity to move forward to your divine destiny.

4.The part of yourself that only needs someone to fill a void

No one else is responsible for your happiness: not a man, your child, friend, no one! Learn to love you and the rest will follow.

5.The unhealthy relationships and connections that drain you

You are not obligated to connect with someone that does not bring joy or fulfillment into your life.

6.The belief that you still don’t know your purpose

Stop sleeping on your skills and stop sitting back on the sidelines waiting for purpose to find you. Go find it and walk in it.

7. The guilt/shame you feel for past mistakes

Be gentle with yourself. Forgive and let go. As long as you learn from it, you can keep going.

8. The belief that someone/something is going to save you

Only God can move you from your current circumstance. No man, family member, your child, etc is coming to save you from where you are or where you hoped to be by now.
9. The frustration you feel because God is not moving on your timing
Learn to surrender and let go. Stop being so attached to the outcome that you chase vs. attract your desires….video in FB group on this topic! 

It is imperative that you work on these as you enter a new season so that you can experience the SHIFT of a lifetime..

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FIERCE Quotes to Live By

Your willingness to look at your darkness is what empowers you to change

— Iyanla Vanzant

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