7 Ways to STOP Negative Thinking

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Ever since I can remember “thoughts become things, choose the good ones” has been one of my favorite quotes by Mike Dooley. While I love it, I know in reality—it is hard as sh*t to keep a positive and sound mind all the time.

And the list continues on but as you know negative thoughts love….and I mean….LOVE popping up! As if we invited them to the party, right? No matter how empowered a woman becomes she will never be exempt from negative feelings or thoughts.

The beauty in being confident and empowered is not that you don’t have these negative thoughts, but that despite them you keep going.

You just keep stepping without allowing negative thinking to own you.

Here are seven  ways to STOP negative thinking once and for all:

  1. Get hungry!

Become so committed to becoming the best version of yourself and living your dream life that you are willing to do whatever it takes (within reason) to bring it to fruition. When you are a woman on a mission with a vision, there is nothing that will keep you down for long. So get hungry. You have to want to succeed and do well more than you want to sit with those negative thoughts.

2. Take action!
Usually when you are thinking negatively, you are doing just that—THINKING. But, if you take just one small action step you will begin to slowly but surely shift your mindset. One action can change your whole life. Just like sending one e-mail, talking to one person, or finding one website can change your life. ACTIONS speak LOUDER than words (ie. Your negative thoughts). Make a list of 20 actions you can take right away.

3. Be persistent
When you feel like you have failed, been rejected, are unworthy, did something wrong, and so on—keep going! Never give up. We all make mistakes and we all fail. If you don’t fail than that means you are not doing whatever it takes to become the woman you desire to be. Failure is a huge part of the journey to becoming more confident and fabulous.

4. Keep your vision in front of you
Keep your vision in front of you at all times. When the negative thoughts pop up, reflect on who you are, why you are, and what you are here to contribute to the world. The best way to do this is through a vision board.

5. Have a go-to prayer
Create a prayer that you can use when negative thinking starts popping up. Say it as many times as you want, particularly in your sacred space.

 6. Tune into your intuition
Write a letter to God and express your current feelings. Flip the page. Tune in and write His response back to you. It will shift your mood.

7. Feed yourself properly
Instead of eating your feelings, feed yourself with an uplifting, inspiring, or empowering audio, affirmation, devotional, bible verse (on a DAILY basis) to keep your thoughts centered, focused, and positive.

  Which one will you implement this week?


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  1. Antionette BlakeAntionette Blakeon September 25, 2015 at 3:52 pm

    I recently read another post about negative thinking and depression, which is a heavy burden to carry. Waking up every day, thanking God that you are looking up it always a great way to start the day. Lots of pray and a little wine doesn’t hurt either!

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