See whether you are…

Single, dating, or married….there is a message that I want you to really understand.

As a woman you have a tremendous POWER over what happens in your relationships.

It might not seem like it, but God gave you a special power….a feminine power that we are usually never taught about in schools or in our homes.
Your superpower is your FEMININE MAGNETISM.
Your magnetism is your allure and ability to ATTRACT.

If you’re single, your magnetism helps you to attract men to you. When your magnetism is high, you have no problem having men approach you, flirt with you, give you the eye, or give you compliments.

If you’re dating, your magnetism helps you keep the peace with your man, keep him attracted to you, and allows you to never feel needy, insecure, jealous, or afraid that he might leave you.

If you’re married, you’re magnetism helps you stay connected to your husband, keeps it fresh, helps you grow together rather than apart, and builds the “oneness” that we as women crave with our man.

Here are five ways to raise your magnetism. It is simple just the law of physics. If you are a powerful force on your own, men will be drawn to you or your man will step up in the way you need him to.

Word of warning: When your magnetism is high, you can’t turn it on and off for certain people…so know that the more you RISE, the more attention will come your way. Don’t run from it, embrace it. It’s not what you attract that’s the issue, it is ultimately what you entertain.

  1. Love on yourself often

Shower yourself with love every day, whether that’s hugging yourself or literally looking in the mirror and saying, “I love you” and stand in that feeling for 2 minutes. Let it consume you. The love you send yourself, instantly raises your magnetism….men can sense it a mile even miles away!! This also unconsciously tells a man how to treat you. If he can’t treat you to that level of love, he won’t approach you or he might try and you might tell him “Boy, bye!”

2. Open yourself to pleasure

Pleasure is what you want it to be whether it’s eating strawberries with chocolate, pleasuring yourself, sleeping naked, sitting out in nature near the water, read Erotica (Zane anyone? Lol) learning how to flirt—in fact pick a FLIRT role model and watch how she interacts with men then practice it on your own and try it out.


3.  Boost your happiness

The happier you are, the higher your magnetism. Make a conscious effort to be happy every day. Happiness is a choice, not a feeling. Do things that make you laugh, bring you joy, and excite you. For example, I love rap music, if I listen to it, it automatically boosts me up…so on my way to work, meetings, events, the store I’m listening to it…I walk in most places HAPPY just off of that.

4.  Turn up your sensuality (for dating & married folk!)

Use your feminine wilds to incite…play in your hair, whisper closely to a man’s ear, rub on his shoulder or leg, hug him out of the blue, send him text messages before you see him that build up anticipation, or even text him something “naughty” at a family event or outing, or do something unexpected that you usually say “no” to.


5. Declare it daily
Literally say, “I am a man magnet” or “My magnetism is high,” or “Men love me everywhere I go.” Make up your own based on what you desire. The key is to actually visualize and feel into what it would be like if it actually happened. This is how you permanently shift your energy.

Try out one or two or all 5…let me know how they work for you. 

FIERCE Self-Reflection:

Which of these tips will you use?

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