5 SureFire Ways to Glow & Radiate Confidence Everyday

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1.Carry Your Confidence

Make it your business to affirm your love for yourself daily. Do this by creating “Confidence Cards” that you carry with you. The easiest way to make this happen is to get a few index cards and place them on a ring. Come up with 5-7 “mind shifters” that will help you stay focused on living your most regal, confident, and magnetic life. For example, “I am a regal and magnetic woman,” ” I am a man magnet and all men want to date me,” “I am a queen and I am a high value woman who never settles for less than the best,” “I am a happy, healthy, and whole woman and I attract good things my way at all times,” and the list continues. Pull these cards out when you need it the most. Again, just like your brush your teeth everyday, you need to keep your mind fresh and anew by telling yourself sweet nothings daily, especially when you are worrying, doubting, and fearing something in your life.

2.Bless Your Body

Make it a top priority that you are feeding your body foods that lead to a natural, healthy glow. It is imperative that you eat foods that give you good health, healthy skin, and a healthy womb. The better the quality of food you put into your body, the more you radiate on the outside.For healthier skin: Exfoliate daily and eat green leafy vegetables, seeds and nuts, more seafoodFor healthier body: Drink lemon water daily, eat “clean” 90% of the time, and eat more: papaya, berries, watermelon, mangoes, and any citrus fruitFor healthier womb: Minimize or eliminate snacks, red meat, ice cream, and/or  sodasIf you don’t do anything else, drink MORE WATER!

3.Dress to Be Addressed

No matter where you are going always, ALWAYS dress the way you want to be addressed. If you want to be a regal, confident, and magnetic woman than you must dress like that woman! A woman who attracts highly quality opportunities, men, finances, etc has to dress the part. Like attracts like. Every morning you should walk out the house flawless. I don’t care if you are running to the dollar store. Look your absolute best! People address, judge, and make decisions about you based on not only your vibe on the inside but the life you are giving them on the outside. Put it this way…you should look so good that you make other woman want to get their ish together! Look good EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you look good…you feel good!

4. Empower Your Showers

Turn your normal routine showers into an empowering sauna of self-love! Use shower time to not only clean your body, but to connect deeply with yourself. This will require a longer time in the shower but it is worth it. Start exfoliating daily when you shower. Include time to say a prayer to a higher power and to say several affirmations to yourself before you get your day started.Supercharge it by massaging your body with your favorite body wash and saying your affirmations at the same time. Be present and embrace the water, your body, and your words. Do this everyday and walk out feeling electrified to start your day!Take this a step further and take a bath at least once a week to really connect more deeply with yourself.

5.Pursue Your Purpose 

Women who know who they are and pursue the purpose placed within them glow more…period! They just do. You MUST know what your purpose in life is and you MUST pursue it fiercely and fearlessly. When we are in touch with our soul’s mission in life we get an extra pep in our step and fire in our eyes. There is a certain level of confidence and certainty that women with a purpose possess. Get you some of that if you don’t already. If doesn’t serve you or the world to have a special talent or gift that you refuse to let the world benefit from!         Regal Resource–BONUS: Play the “I Like It” Game. Relationship expert, Michael Fiore includes this in his programs by having both men and women make list of everything that like about themselves such as their appearance, personality, accomplishments, etc and then they must create either a letter or poem to themselves with all of the things they like about themselves. The idea is to carry it with you and pull it out whenever you need an extra boost to put a little more radiance in your step for the day!I Want to Know:

  • What is the hardest part about feeling confident and radiant everyday?
  • Have you tried any of these before?
  • Which one can you do more of to increase your confidence?


**I have so many other tips and tricks that could help you become a regal, confident, and magnetic powerhouse of a woman. E-mail me with your individual questions for a more personalized response: [email protected].

Stay tuned for my book to come out that will dish all of the goodness on being a highly valuable, regal, confident, and magnetic woman so that you can attract more confidence, more money, great relationships with men, good health, more clarity and satisfaction in life, and more! In the meantime, try my home study course, Make Me Over: Refocus & Redesign Your Life.

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