5 Steps to Upgrade Your Self-Image At Any Size

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Confidence certainly comes from within, but it also comes from how you present yourself on the outside. There is internal confidence and there is external confidence. Your outside is a reflection of your inside. Your image reflects how people will interact with you and perceive you.
Your image is important! If you are not tending to it, then you need to. Upgrade your self-image with these tips that are sure to help you increase your magnetism, boost your internal and external confidence, and warrant more compliments to come your way.

Remember, you are WORTHY of looking good AND feeling good!

Before I start, please note that if you are NOT at the weight you desire to BE. It is OKAY! No one stays the exact same weight forever. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. If you want the weight to start to come off, START loving yourself now how you are start adorning yourself and your body with the flyest clothes and accessories you can find. You will find that when you love yourself, it will have a domino effect that will lead you to be more serious and committed to losing the weight.

Thinking that if you lose weight you will then love yourself never works long term honey.

Love yourself-> Nurture Yourself -> Care For Yourself More -> You will be motivated and then disciplined to release it because of how much you love yourself.

1. Clean Your Closet
Throw away or donate anything that no longer fits, have faded coloring, and/or aren’t flattering anymore. Make room for new clothes, shoes, and accessories to enter into your life. Make space to ushering in the next era of your style girl!

2. Create a Style Lookbook
Gather magazines, clothes catalogs and any styles from the people you follow on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest (print them off by placing screenshots into a Word or Pages doc) and create your own personal style look book. Include affirmations in there that reflect your new image. Here is one of my personal favorites that I say daily, “I am always appropriately dressed in luxury. I am adorned with chic statement jewelry, fabulous dresses, fly yet comfortable shoes, and bold colors.” Also, cut out words from magazines that reflect your desires and feelings such as “glow, radiate, beautiful, stand out, flawless, shine, etc”

This is how I spent some of my morning…I’m going in Lol! Creating my Fall Style Lookbook!

3. Buy New Clothes & Accessories
You may not have a lot of money, but you can at minimum buy the basis every girl should have in her closet. Even if you have gained weight, buy some new fab pieces for your wardrobe. Don’t punish yourself or resist where your body currently is. Love yourself where you are. The more you love yourself, the harder you will want to work to take care of yourself.

Budget low? Invest in jewelry, a quality bag, and quality pair of shoes at minimum until you are able to get more.

4.Wear the Proper Underbody Garments
Do a bra fitting. Buy and actually WEAR shape wear….DAILY! Keep it tight girl. The right bra can change your whole life! The right underbody garments can hold in any current bulges, overflow, and fluff. Handle it in 5 seconds by wearing the PROPER underbody garments at all times. This includes wearing slips under skirts and dresses, even when it is hot out! Everyone should not be able to see through your clothing, see your underwear, or even your bra.

5. Add New Colors, Cuts, & Patterns
Stop wearing the same old stuff! Add in some new colors that you usually don’t wear. See how a different cut or style works with your body type. Go to the store and pick up a handful of items that you wouldn’t normally wear. Then have you a little date with the fitting room. So… “Try before you buy.” This is the easiest and quickest way to find a new fresh edge for your style. Give it a try.

BONUS: Discover your body type and dress it accordingly. Google is your best friend. 
Spend sometime searching Facebook and Instagram for style bloggers who are always giving daily doses of fashion inspiration. Search for women with your body type, skin tone, and hair texture. They are out there. Find her and follow her. Use her inspiration to help you upgrade your image. The great part is style bloggers usually link to the places where they purchased their items so you can go buy it and add new, cute pieces to your closet asap.

Recently I fell in love with these curvy style bloggers and they have been giving me life: @curvesonabudget13 and @thickgirlscloset. Find women who resonate with you and match your body type.

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  • Were these helpful? Which ones?
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