5 Lessons New Edition Taught Me About PURPOSE

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5 Lessons New Edition Taught Me About PURPOSE

This past week, BET put on an epic television series which got me all in my feelings, and you know why? Because God was written all over the New Edition movie.

Have you seen it? (If not, go watch it and come back) **No Spoilers**

The group members felt the rain (obstacles) often but that didn’t stop them from coming back together every single time.

See they started as children (divine) and then they have been together over 30 years…WOW! That’s a long time. All I could think is that ain’t nothing but God that bought them together as children.

But here is what I learned about PURPOSE from watching New Edition:

1. Your gift will make room for you
This was evident with many of the group members wanted solo careers, and some of them got them, but whether they were alone or in a group they still shine using their unique gifts and talents to SHINE.

2. You need to pay attention to the facts and stats and numbers
Like any other biopic when it comes time to sign contracts, folks don’t pay attention. I am encouraging you to pay more attention to those who you have in your inner circle both personally and professionally…read the fine print and in between lines especially if you feel called to have a business. Additionally, learning how to manage your money is key!!!

3.  You MUST have a mentor/coach
Throughout most of the group’s career they had Brooke Payne as their choreographer and at one point their manager. He was a role model, but he also helped them become the talented stars that people have grown to love. Even when he wasn’t there for a brief moment, he was asked to show up again because we all need a trusted mentor as we step into our purpose.

4. You have something SPECIAL about you
Although the group ultimately ended up being six people each of them brought something different to the table which wouldn’t make the group the same without one being there. I personally related most to Ralph’s talent and work ethic but also more strongly with Michael Bivens business hustle. Though the thing I loved most about Johnny Gil was that he knew he was talented and he owned it. It came through when he would get on the mic too….confidence is everything! 

5. You will make mistakes but that doesn’t mean you aren’t worthy
Many of the members especially Bobby Brown (girl he really acted up) made mistakes. But, ultimately forgiveness and apologies followed though it took years. Each of them were stll worthy because they were still born fierce…no amount of destruction, debt, or distractions could keep them from their ultimate rise and success that millions still know and love today.

What was your takeaway from it?
Again, if you haven’t watched, go watch now!

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