It doesn’t matter who you are or what you are doing, there will always be a need for you to HYPE yourself up sis! What you say to YOURSELF privately will always project PUBLICLY through how you walk, talk, dress, and interact with others.

Here are five of the AFFIRMATIONS that I highly recommend you using to boost your mood and change your mindset. There are also videos and a POWER POSE that goes along with each one.

>>>>>>>Watch Video Series on YouTube or click each photo below to watch Confidence Coach for Women, Taria dive deeper into each one including how to use this affirmation daily, practical application in your life, and a power pose you can do in the mirror to reduce stress anxiety, and insecurity.


Pose: Arms Straight Up


Pose: Arms WIDE Open


Pose: Arms Hugging Yourself (Up Top/Chest)


Pose: Hands on Your Head with Chin Up


Pose: Flowing Over Your Face

If you’re ready to ramp up, then I encourage you to join the #IAMPOWERFUL Video Challenge where you record yourself doing each pose to Lizzo’s Soulmate Song. Post by April 13, 2020 to be eligible for an Amazon Gift Card. Tag #unleashyourfierce and #iampowerfulchallenge

Best believe I won’t ask you to do anything, I wouldn’t do! Lol!! 
It’s time you not only SPOKE what you want to be but that you EMBODY it!! 

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