Right now feelings are heavy and I’m stopping by to share some quick tips about dealing with it in the moment: 

1.   SPEAK your truth. Don’t be afraid to make others uncomfortable. Whatever you are feeling is valid and it’s better to release it then hold it in- offline and online. 

 2.   GRIEVE. Grieve for any personal and professional experiences you have experienced in this lifetime. But grieve for the countless men, women, and children especially the black and brown ones from COVID19 and racial discrimination + police brutality. CRY. JOURNAL. HAVE AN ORGASM (yes, for real!). You need to RELEASE it or you will keep RECYCLING the same narrative in your mind but most importantly MOVE your body. Grief research shows that we keep it trapped inside and one of the most underrated healing mechanisms is MOVEMENT. 

3. Turn ANGER into ACTION. If you sit with anger long enough, it will tell you what it really is: grief, frustration, resentment, trauma, etc. First identify and label the emotions you are feeling. The more awareness you give it, the less control it has over you. But then decide how will I use this awareness and energy by taking action in my own life or the lives of others.

4. REST. While it’s important to continue operating like we have been during this pandemic and protests, sis please do us all a favor and slow down and REST. Inner healing work is tiring. Coping during a pandemic and doing everything at home from homeschooling to cooking multiple meals per day is tiring. Speaking up and fighting against 400+ years of injustice is exhausting. REST. SLEEP. RELAX. 

Obviously reducing the amount of media we consume is helpful and watching something light is also suggested. 

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I love you and holding space for us all today! 

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  1. Which of these can you use right away?
  2. What are you feeling right now?