3 Reasons Why You’re Struggling with Your Business

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Until you stop playing SMALL, making excuses, procrastinating, and throwing yourself a pity party…your business won’t flourish.The life of an entrepreneur is not a straight, EASY path to success. It takes WORK!!  You can hope for it to work or you can HUSTLE for it. Hustle being the better choice!

Your business is stuck where it is because…

  1. You are too Scared to Do It RightYou think you are unworthy, undeserving, or even unqualified to empower, serve, coach or sell your products. Therefore, you constantly and consistently sabotage your growth and make excuses about why you can’t RUN a successful business. As a result, you are too scared to BE VISIBLE and add VALUE to your ideal clients & customers, leaving you with no business income and no impact on the world.
  2. You Think You Don’t Have Enough Money
    You are using MONEY as an excuse as to why you can’t run your business. Yes, it takes money to make money…but as a businesswoman you must get creative and go after your dreams. This means taking risks like putting your website design on a credit card, taking up a side job to generate extra $ to market your business or investing in a coach rather than getting your hair and nails done for the next 3 months.You have the money…now when will you start taking risks and investing it into your business?

3. You Are a Best Kept Secret

You have a fabulous business idea or business, but nobody knows about it. Not enough people know you, trust you, or recognize that you have something to offer them to make their like easier, happier, prettier, or better. You’re not visible and consistent enough for your ideal client to FIND you and want to buy something from you.

Lucky, for you…you don’t have to stay stuck. Book a complimentary discovery session with me here.We will uncover what is blocking your FIERCE entrepreneurial spirit to go after what you want, and determine the next best steps to take to get business moving, making money, marketing like a pro, and meaningfully impacting the world.


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I teach women entrepreneurs how to unleash their inner FIERCE BO$$, and create purposeful & profitable businesses that empower girls and women.

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FIERCE Quotes to Live By

I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear

— Rosa Parks

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