28 Life Lessons Every Woman Must Live By in 2022

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As I reflect on how far I’ve come….(2011 on the left and 2017 on the right)

I feel blessed to be evolved, healed, whole, confident, and FIERCE in my ability to share all of the nuggets and practices I’ve used to change my life and the lives of my clients!!

28 FIERCE Life Lessons for 2018

1.       If you want to be free, give yourself permission to just be
2.      God reveals and then he heals
3.       Your beliefs determine your reality. Choose wisely.
4.       Trust yourself and listen to the voice inside. Never discount how you feel and what you know to be true.
5.       Every expansion to a new level will require death, repositioning, and rebirth
6.      If you don’t make room for the new, you will always wonder why you’re stuck with the old
7.       Shame and settling are silent killers of worthiness. Unpack your ish so you can live free.
8.       When you are called and qualified, no one can compete with you and what you do.
9.       Level up every time God says so (even when it’s uncomfortable) #kendricktaughtme
10.   You can worry, wish, and wait or you can WORK for what you want
11.   Surrender…and the rest will follow
12.   Striving and hustling ain’t got nothing on being in divine flow and alignment
13.   Uncomfortable? Things Getting Hard? Attacked? You’re leveling up! Ay!
14.   You vibe doesn’t just attract your tribe, it determines EVERYTHING!
15.   It’s in the solitude, stillness, and silence that God speaks to you most: LISTEN
16.   If  you want to be, do, or have ensure you pray for the CAPACTIY to receive it
17.   Your public life will never go higher than your private world
18.   There are years that asks questions and years that answer #zorataughtme
19.   Men really are simple. If you find that love is hard, you are doing it all wrong.
20.   If it is repeating itself, it needs your attention
21.   A delay just means God needs to work through something or you need to work on something #shannonevettetaughtme
22.   What you feed yourself is what you become #morethanfood
23.   There is a difference between being pretty and cute and being radiant and beautiful from the inside out as a woman. Know the difference. Cultivate the inner first.
24.   Consistency is key, but discipline is king
25.   Balance is a myth, but harmony is a must #lisanicholstaughtme
26.   Mediocrity is common, but excellence will always win.
27.   Surround yourself with people who will take you higher-
28.   Drink water and get you a good facial moisturizer (SHINE!)

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