2020 is now HERE!! Last week I taught a POWERFUL class with some FIERCE wisdom and tips on how to best prepare to release the last decade and walk into 2020 boldly and proudly!  Listen to the class here.

One of the most thought provoking pieces of wisdom I shared with my clients last night was the INCREDIBLE power God gave us to CREATE the lives we desire in conjunction with him. We can REINVENT ourselves at any point in time. We don’t need a new year….the next level of you…starts NOW!! 

I shared a story LAST NIGHT that touched me so deeply….keep reading…

There is so much POWER living and breathing inside of you…yey you still haven’t tapped into it! 

I shared a story on last night’s class, RECHARGED  about a woman I follow on Facebook who wasdiagnosed with a fibroid and multiple cyst on her ovaries in early 2019. She announced this weekend that when she went back to the doctor, the doc couldn’t believe that all of those things were now GONE!! 

She shared that she realized she “Created them and she could uncreate them.” 

See everything has a spiritualsignificance and meaning attached too it. When there is disease, illness, or inconsistencies with our wombs, spirutally speaking that means we are out of baance with our feminine power, sexuality, creativity, and expression. 

Hearing her say she “HEALED”  it because she had the power to “UNCREATE” something negative that had developed within her….took my breath away! I was in awe. 


You are WORTHY of feeling joy, bliss, and love at all time. 

So my question to you: What do you need to CREATE or UNCREATE as we enter the next DECADE? 

If you haven’t already download, the 2020 FIERCE DREAM LIFE PLANNER HERE

The planner includes 15+ pages and over 10+ questions and prompts for your to reflect, reset, and refocus yourself for the new year sis! It’s no cost to you at all. Download now!! 

The 2020 FIERCE Dream Life Planner can be DOWNLOADED Below!

The planner….

• Use it to reflect on 2019 and the last decade (or ten years of your life)

• Use it to help you map out 2020 (and your next decade)

• Use it to help you prepare to create a vision board

• Print it off and use it with a group of women you are friends with

• Dream BIG when you are completing it

• Be honest with yourself through the process

• Leave open spaces for surprises, prayers answered, and opportunities to show up

• Share with others online (don’t keep it a secret…tell your girls to do it or host a little party!) 

• Get into a comfy space and clear state of mind before you being working

P.S. Need more than the planner to get your ready for 2020, listen to my lastest 90 minute masterclass, Recharged: Restoring, Remembering, and Reinventing the Woman God Called You To Be in 2020. 

P.S. If you’d rather just talk to me 1-on-1, then sign up for your 2020 FIERCE Clarity Breakthrough Session where we map out your 2020 goals and areas of focus. You can sign up here and then you will get access to my calendar for December and January. If you don’t see a time that works, email me so we can arrange something ASAP!