applying makeup

We beat ourselves up over perfection daily! Why? No one in the world is perfect. We all have flaws and we should love ourselves flaws and all! Clothes don’t make the woman. Nor does make-up or shoes. Retail therapy last for a short time, but come morning we may still feel un-confident and unsure. Feeling self-conscious is not an unusual thing for women and men alike, but we can still be happy if we are not the prettiest girl in the world. Or have the best skin. Or the best body. Or the life we really want to live.

It saddens me to see some women rush to get dolled up on the outside but are empty, broken, and self-conscious on the inside. This does not go together ladies! Don’t get me wrong getting dolled up is fun… I love it! But, we have to be better at matching our outside with our INSIDE! We have to step our game up in a world that is constantly challenging womanhood—how we look, act in public, treat men, wear our clothes, etc. Your beauty will shine through only if you take care of yourself on the inside. When the clothes, make-up, and heels are away all of your insecurities will start to play. They will play in front of men on dates, dance around while you’re out with your girls, pop up while you get dressed in the morning for work, and they will keep playing until you address them! Perfect does not equal pretty. A make-up job well done won’t make you perfect or pretty! Clothes and make-up accessorize and accentuate the beauty we all ready posses.

If you want to truly radiate and shine daily look inward and deal with your inner demons that hold you back from fully loving and embracing yourself. You wouldn’t believe the doors that would begin to open to you once you get ‘real’ about who you really are and how you really look. Embrace her. Love her. Smile at her. Accessorize her. Her meaning you—and then shine! When you embrace you, pretty will flow like rivers and the whole world will take notice.

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