Is it time you finally became fierce, confident, and unstoppable?

Being a woman with killer confidence and unstoppable drive is how you should feel every day.

Too often women tell me they are….

Struggling with maintaining a positive, confident attitude

Feeling like a “hot mess” and can’t get it together

Holding onto sh*t from the past. Making excuses for why they can’t do, be, or have something

Wishing, wondering, and waiting for Mr. Right to show up and change their life

Doubting their ability to be great and phenomenal

Saying they “can’t afford” personal development but get their hair and nails done faithfully.

Comparing themselves to other women online and in their life

Fearing that they won’t live up to their God given potential

Allowing recent weight gain to make them feel unattractive Believing they are not good enough, won’t measure up, and can’t possibly be deserving and worthy of “having it all.”

I know the feeling though. The negative thoughts. The self-sabotaging behaviors. The unhealthy patterns that seem like they will never end. The excess weight that won’t seem to go away, the dream you have that keeps getting pushed back from starting, or the fear you have of stepping fully into your power, the feeling behind because you’re not where other people might be …

I grew up a normal city girl with a solid family foundation. My mom raised a strong, fierce, woman, however that didn’t save me from doing the REAL WORK it takes to have it all and live the life you of your dreams.

I soon realized that my father and his distance growing up had indeed impacted me. I soon realized that my excess weight gain wasn’t just because I really loved food. I soon realized that the men who showed up on dates were all the same because I never changed anything on my end. I soon realized that worrying about what other people think was holding me back from being successful in my business. I soon realized that I couldn’t make more money if I didn’t know how to manage the money I had.

I soon realized if I wanted to “have it all together” then there is work I needed to do, money I needed to invest into myself, and time I needed to invest for this transformation to occur.

So if you are struggling with being the woman you desire to be….trust me boo, I have been there! I

t isn’t pretty. It doesn’t feel fun. It makes you doubt yourself. It makes you feel unworthy. It causes a ton of stress. It keeps you stuck. It holds you back from SHINING and SHOWING up in the world like you dreamed you always would.

Imagine having:

• Unstoppable confidence and being unbothered by what others think

• Total security in who you are and the incredible gifts you have to offer the world

• A proven way to handle negative emotions and experiences that seek to throw you off track

• It all together and feeling in complete control over yourself and your life

• Knowing how to attract high quality men (especially Mr. Right) and more money into your life

• A high level of self-love, self-compassion, and self-resilience, and self-worth

• More like-minded girlfriends who love, respect, and show up for you like you do for them

• Discipline to nurture your body, mind, and soul and practice self-care regularly

• The feeling of being a “total success” instead of a “hot ass mess”

• Your dreams come alive, your goals accomplished, and your vision board a reality

So as my gift to you, I would love to offer you a 30 minute

conversation with me, which is a $197 value Absolutely Free!

A personalized discovery session with me helps you:

A) Discover where you are now and what is keeping you stuck

B) Determine where you want to be in the next 6 months-year

C) Know exactly how I can support you to get you where you want to be If you’re not living the life you desire OR don’t feel like you have a clear plan to become the woman you are destined to be then this session would be the perfect time to finally get help and see the opportunities available to you by working with me.

This is for women who are ready to:

Receive coaching and stop trying to figure it out on their own,

Get clarity as to why they are really stuck,

Learn sure-fire ways to take back control of their lives and be more confident about who they are, be unashamed, unapologetic, and unbothered about who you are, take more fearless action on the things that matter most in their life, and ready to invest the time, energy, and finances necessary to finally become the woman they were destined to be.

This is not for women who are ready to:

Need permission and validation from others to do what is best for them

Do not have the finances to invest in themselves and their transformation

Won’t make time to do the WORK it takes to have it all like they desire

Want an overnight success formula to building confidence and having a fabulous life Are severely depressed or suffering from mental health challenges (please see a licensed professional)

Have received this free coaching session before and/or have coached with me in the past

If this sounds like you, here are the next steps:

1. Complete an application here

2. If application is accepted, then we will meet via phone to uncover what’s holding you back and determine the next steps to move forward with your transformation.

During the session, you are free to ask questions to get to know me better and to help you out. It is highly recommended that you take notes during this session too.

Please note, I will only be gifting sessions to women who are really serious about changing, and who I think I can truly help.