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Unleash Your FIERCE:

How to Become Confident, Strong, and Unstoppable

Most women desire to be “have it all.” They want to be successful, confident, strong, beautiful, and fearless. However, it is much easier said than done. When doubt hits us hard and start to think we “worthy” or “deserving” of having it…we sabotage it or we get stuck and wonder why other women seem to be accomplishing their goals like a BOSS!

During this workshop, you will learn:

•Why your negative beliefs and thinking are holding you back

•A simple, yet effective way to evaluate your life and where you are settling for less

•Taria’s signature 6 step method for unleashing your confidence and releasing doubt, fear, worry, and envy of other women

•How to cultivate your power and purpose and get focused

•Practical ways to empower yourself everyday so you are happy and fulfilled

Find Your FIERCE Edge:

How to Ignite Your Purpose and Reclaim Your Dreams

Most people have a vision of what there life will turn out to be when they are adults. However, so often we miss the mark because life happens, negativity hits us at all angles, and we lose sight of what we desire and are truly called to do.

During this workshop, you will learn:

•A simple process to pinpoint your purpose and fiercely step into your power

•How to uncover your edge and what makes you unique, different, and a valuable asset in the world

•The most effective way to confidently and fearlessly show up personally and professionally in a memorable way

•Taria’s signature system for goal setting, vision boarding, following through, and consistently pursuing your dreams

Purposed & Paid:

How to Unleash Your FIERCE Inner Boss

Many feel called to empower, inspire, and motivate others using the life lessons they have learned. However, the road to starting your own thing and being your own boss is not easy. There are so many elements to running a business, starting a blog, writing a book, speaking to groups, or building a brand.

During this workshop, you will learn:

•How to clearly identify your business vision, goals, and mission

•The number of ways you can monetize your gifts, skills, and talents and turn your purpose into products and services that people crave

•Learn the behind­the­scenes real deal about branding, marketing, and selling that get people to love you and buy from you

•Uncover how to use speaking, blogging, and self­publishing to establish your credibility and positioning you as an expert

•Where exactly to get started on this journey and walk away with a plan of action

Find Him, Keep Him:

5 Steps to Heal, Prepare, and Attract Mr. Right

As women, most of us, desire to be in a meaningful relationship often by a certain age with a specific type of man. However, it is easier to envision it sometimes than it is to meet a high quality man that we could potentially marry.

During this workshop, you will learn:

•Why you are exactly where you are supposed to be in your current life

•A simple, yet effective way to determine how open you truly are to meeting the love of your life

• The simple ways you can unlock your feminine power more to attract the love of your life

•Practical and meaningful ways to envision and manifest your ideal man and relationship

•How to date in a way that makes you more magnetic and attractive

•Proven relationship success secrets to use once you meet your boo and how to

understand men in an authentic way that decreases conflict and increases love.

Dreaming In Color:

How to Use Journaling and Visualizing to Create Your Dream Life

What is the secret tools confident, empowered, and successful women use? Journaling and visualizing. Every woman from Oprah Winfrey to Gabby Douglas to Katy Perry, and Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas use these creative tools to create their dream life, pursue their purpose, and step into their personal power. In this session, girls/women will learn the researched based and spiritual significance of using journaling and visualizing to manifest their deepest desires and biggest dreams.

During this workshop, you will learn:

Why it’s so important to write down your goals and dreams

How successful women have used journaling and vision boards to create their dream life

The little known secret to actually make your vision board a reality

Step­by­step process for creating a vision board that attracts outrageous success

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