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As a life coach for women and empowered life strategist, I love sharing strategies that yield positive results in the lives of women.

A confidence routine is hands down my favorite strategy! I talk about it more in depth-in my book, Born to Glow: How to Unleash the Confident & Empowered Woman Within. If you have ever did a FREE 20 minute discovery call or been a coaching client of mine…you know I bring this up all the time!

It is a proven strategy that yields results!

A confidence routine is a daily (or weekly) ritual that a woman implements into her life that keeps her mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually whole, focused, and fulfilled.

A routine consists of prayer, affirmations, reading empowering books, completing an empowering workbook or guide, watching uplifting videos, practicing gratitude, etc.

Take a peek into what I use…        

You need a “confidence routine” in your life ASAP because it provides…
1. Consistent Self-Care
You may not always feel like you have time for yourself. A confidence routine eliminates this excuse and makes it super easy to stay fulfilled as a woman.

2. Deepens Self-Love
By consciously affirming yourself and your life you will build a stronger relationship with yourself.

3. Boosts Self-Confidence
The more you feed yourself empowering, uplifting, motivating, and inspiring words, images, and videos the more confident you become over time.

4. Increases Self-Awareness
By including guides, workbooks, coaching, classes, programs, and so on into your routine the better you will know and understand yourself as a woman.

5.Decreases negative thinking, stress, fear, doubt, and worrying
By disciplining yourself to have a solid routine in place you will decrease the negativity that often clouds your mind on a day to day basis. Worry and Peace can’t occupy the same place at one time.

6. Provides clarity

A confidence routine that includes the power of prayer will always bring clarity and direction.

Look for part II where I will share with you HOW to create a confidence routine of your own.


In the meantime, if you’re ready to elevate your confidence and start achieving more of your goals, hopes, and dreams sign up for a FREE 20 Minute Confidence Breakthrough Session HERE or get my FREE Confidence E-Book HERE.

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