It occurred to me that I dream about everything, and make lists and vision boards of what I want. But, never have I made one about my hair. So today is the day!  I’ve never been much of a hair guru like I secretly wish I was.  The downside to me getting these dream styles are that I procrastinate when it comes to getting someone else to do my hair or even trying new styles. Since going natural, I rather do my own hair most of the time. As you will see the braided styles I want, I can’t do on my own. So I think I need to kick my procrastination to the side, and get to rocking a new do! After all, when your hair looks good you feel good! Confidence comes from within (I know! I preach this!), but I never said a new look couldn’t help boost it though!!!

Here are some styles to kick-start my new do:

AFRO DREAMS: My Dream Fro!!! I just love this! Once I grow my hair a little longer I will rock it like this.

yellowfro Source: Pinterest


BRAID ALTERNATIVE: Instead of getting braids I want to get SENEGALESE TWISTS again but smaller…do you like?


sengalesetwist Jenelle of Kinky, Curl, Coily Me


senegalese-twists (4) Source: www.gimmethatglow.com

BUNS GALORE: I love updo’s. I want to try the cinnabun and the high bun when my hair is straightened once my hair grows a little longer .

SanaaLathan-378x414  I love Sanaa!

cinnabun22 Source: www.completelyflawless.com


MORE BRAIDS: Yarn Braids! My friend rocked them a few months ago, and piqued my curiosity because they were braided with yarn.


yarnbraidsteendiaries.netSource: www.teendiaries.net



Now, I want to know:

  • Would you rock any of these?

  • What styles are on your dream list?

  • Post a link to a picture, if possible, so I can see!