Wanted: Social Media Intern


Purpose: To positively impact, influence, and empower our target audience, and convert browsers into clients, buyers of products, and convert them to our email list.

  • Do you enjoy empowering people especially women?
  • Are you especially good with social media?
  • Do you love Facebook and Instagram?
  • Are you one who enjoys seeing the empowering quotes or other graphics?

If so, then I’m looking to hire you.

This is a 3 month, non-paid internship (with the hope that after 3 months, this will become a paid permanent position for you).

August-September 2016

Essentially, you will:

Create, schedule, and post branded images for our social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook)

It is a 4-5 hours/week commitment!

This means that you will:

  • Search for quality images that reflect the brand
  • Use Canva or Adobe Photshop (or something similar)
  • Create visually appealing images
  • Schedule and/or post consistently on a daily basis
  • Engage with followers (Liking/Commenting)


This is the perfect internship for you, if you:

  • Are a self-starter and dependable
  • Have some background in graphic design, marketing, entrepreneurship, social media, business, etc.
  • Are creative
  • Have good time management skills
  • Passionate and interested in empowering women
  • Are social media savvy and post regularly already

If you know you already have a lot on your plate, are not in to personal development, know nothing about business/marketing, and will not take initiative to get the job done, then this position is not for you.

Why should you apply?

  • Build your resume and portfolio
  • Receive a recommendation letter for future use
  • Develop a stronger base in running a business, branding, marketing, and selling
  • Get free access to my premier program, Unleash Your FIERCE, free products, and mentorship from a successful life coach and entrepreneur

If selected, you will receive samples of posts, an inspiration document to help get your creative juices going, weekly check-ins with Taria, and more!

Click here to APPLY!

Deadline: Friday, July 22, 2016