What if I told you that you
could TRANSFORM yourself in just a few weeks?? 

For six weeks, you will have me as your coach to teach you how to UNLEASH your fierce confidence:

Week 1: Find Your FIERCE
Discover your EDGE…the God given beauty, spark, purpose, and beauty that is divinely in you.

Week 2: Ignite Your Inner Queen
Uncover the gems of being treated and seen as a Queen by yourself, men, family, friends…the whole damn world!

Week 3: Elevate Your Confidence
Learn how to makeover your mindset so that you walk, talk, and speak like a confident woman.

Week 4: Raise Your Men and Money Magnetism
Upgrade your men + money mindset, discover the connection between the two, and how to up the ante to attract better men and more money to you. 

Week 5: Cultivate Your Sexiness
Awaken your feminine power and deepen your connection to your body…and loving it fiercely (extra fat, imperfections and all) 

Week 6: Empower Yourself Daily
Develop a simple yet powerful ritual for keeping your motivation and confidence HIGH all the time. 

This course is only for 12 women, so it will be pretty intimate so that I can give you my all! 

AND…you will also get: 3 group coaching calls, private FB group, weekly prayers, empowering text message reminders, and a 1-on-1 coaching call.

+  BONUSES include: The Confident Woman Collection, Confident Mindset Audio, & over 50 Mindset Mantras

Sound good?!?

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