Photo Credit: Kiaratiana Freelon, Avid Traveler & Blogger

Summer is right around the corner! So I am getting pumped trying to figure out where I will be going. As a rule of thumb I try my best to hit as many cultural hotspots as possible! Why? I love my culture. I love learning about others, and I enjoy having a good time. And, of course I like traveling with confidence. The confidence to know I have enough money plus some to buy what I want, and the confidence I need to find spots that are of interest to me, my interests, and my culture.

As you plan for your next getaway, girl’s trip, or summer vacation consider using these three resources:


Travel Cheaper


 Use Living Social and/or Groupon

Sing up for a free account with either or both and receive deals daily and weekly on hotels and cultural experiences (and a host of other items!). Sign up for the app to get the deals quicker. Make sure you read the fine print, and book your next getaway cheaper! Both offer local and international deals.

How the Deals Work: You are offered a discounted rate for a hotel, item, or experience for a limited time.


Hit Cultural Hot Spots

Find restaurants, attractions, museums, entertainment, and famous cultural sites around the world in the most popular tourist destinations that are culturally friendly!


1. Soul of America

It not only features attractions, restaurants, museums, tours, cultural sites, etc in America, but it also includes the Caribbean and International locations where people of color may be!



2. Soul Society 101

This website calls itself the “guide for the young urban elite.” Soul Society offers eat, party, see & do, shopping, and event info for nine go-to locations in the US such as Atlanta, Brooklyn, Chicago, and Los Angeles. There is also a special section on Get Aways from local and international destinations, as well as blog from the site founder, Rondel Holder. In the words of Mr. Holder, “every city has some soul and [they’ll] help you find it.”




3. Black Girl Travel

Join Fleace Weaver, upscale travel club for Black women. As an avid traveler she plans and host travel for women interested in an adventure! Her goal is to expose Black women to the beauty of the world. She offers customized trips to places such as Europe, Australia, Dubai, Brazil, South Africa, and the list continues!


I want to hear from you:

  • Where are you planning to vacation this summer?
  • Which of these resources is most helpful to you?
  •  Have you used one of these before? Did it make your travel experience easier or better?