Colors have meaning. I don’t know what it is but whenever I put on any bright color—it automatically increases my level of radiance and beauty for the day. Certain colors look well on me while others fail horribly and make me wish I changed before I left the house.

 It is no secret that what you wear has an effect on how others perceive you and how you feel about yourself. If you want to feel beautiful all the time and stand out in a powerful way that showcases confidence and purpose then you should incorporate some of the colors from this list below whether you are in an office or going out on a date.

As much as these power colors make you pop, it is important to note that you should pick the colors that compliment your skin tone the best.

Remember, people remember color because color stands out! Bright colors or a perfect fit outfit are normally easier for people to remember sometimes than your name upon meeting you because humans are visual creatures!

Without further ado the top colors to wear: 

Red: Symbolizes passion and love. Wear this when you really look to make a statement or stand out from the crowd. Whether you dress in red from head to toe or infuse in as a lip color or pop of color—you will automatically appear in confident in this color.

 ccc85e8b8a2ac244_Kerry-Washington jill-scott-4th-annual-essence-black-women-in-music-event-greystone-manor


Blue: Symbolizes credibility, trust, and peace. Wear this if you are going to be in a professional setting. Men and women alike will recognize this color, however, note its predictability
factor which may not always make you exude the confidence and purpose you are striving for. Stand out more when you rock royal blue, baby blue, or turquoise depending on your  beautiful skin tone.


Magenta: Symbolizes royalty and femininity. This unexpected color is sure to make you stand out, especially since it looks beautiful on most black and brown skin tones. It will also add a touch of femininity that will be noticed immediately.

jennifer hudson essence michelle-obama-inside-lets-move-ftr


White: Symbolizes purity and reflection. You can really show off in white if you wear it right. As it hits darker hues the contrast of it brings out your beauty even more. The power of this color is evident from what it symbolizes thus it will give you a powerful vibe. Actress Lisa Raye (first picture below) has went so far as to make this her signature color and only wear white on a daily basis.



Pattern: Symbolizes creativity and freedom. By wearing a pattern it automatically signals confidence because it shows your tenacity to rock multiple colors or designs at one time.

solange-knowles-2 lalavasquez

Consider selecting a color that you look gorgeous in all the time to create your signature  look! You don’t have to wear it every day but include it more in your wardrobe. This is especially useful if you are building up yourself as a brand or even considering or already started a small business.


Regal Resource:


Red: Ambitious, energetic, courageous, extroverted
Pink: Affectionate, loving, compassionate, sympathetic
Maroon: Sensuous, emotional, gregarious, overly sensitive
Orange: Competent, action-oriented, organized, impatient
Peach: Gentle, charitable, dexterous, enthusiastic
Yellow: Communicative, expressive, social, people-oriented
Green: Benevolent, humanistic, service-oriented, scientific
Light Blue: Creative, perceptive, imaginative, analytical
Dark Blue: Intelligent, executive, responsible, self-reliant
Mauve: Delicate, reserved, sensitive, encouraging
Purple: Intuitive, regal, spiritual, artistic
Brown: Honest, down-to-earth, supportive, structured
Black: Disciplined, strong-willed, independent, opinionated
White: Individualistic, pure, angelic
Gray: Passive, non-committal, stressed, overburdened
Silver: Honorable, chivalrous, trustworthy, romantic
Gold: Idealistic, noble, successful, having high values


Red gives you an energy boost.
Pink relaxes mental tension
Maroon protects you from intrusive people.
Orange combats confusion.
Peach protects you from energy loss.
Yellow balances depression.
Green helps you deal with emotional stress.
Blue-green restores faith.
Dark blue protects against failure.
Mauve helps you stop worrying.
Purple reduces outside pressure.

Enjoy the power in your colorful palette.

Courtesy of: Woman’s Connections


I Want to Know:

  • What colors would you add to the list?
  • Is there a certain color that makes you stand out?
  • What has been your experience wearing certain colors over others? Have you noticed more/less compliments? Different levels of confidence? Etc.