This year I’ve lost 60 pounds in 6 months after battling with weight since I was a little girl. I have tried to eat healthy, see a nutritionist, and even work out but none of it seemed to work until I learned and adopted the commandments that slimmer and healthier women were following daily as a lifestyle and not a diet. And so here they go:

1.      They have declared a healthy lifestyle and have committed to being healthy

Do not start a healthy lifestyle journey unless you are ready to commit to it for a lifetime.


2.     They do not diet

Diets last for a week or two. A healthy lifestyle lasts forever.


3.     They eat clean 6 days a week or 90% of the time

Clean eating is eating foods in their most unprocessed and raw state as possible. Please visit: www.graciouspantry.com for detailed information about clean eating and recipes.


4.     They move their bodies though walking, exercise, cardio, or strength training 3-6x per week

If you want to be slim eat the right foods, if you want your body to be toned and hot then move it strategically! They use strategies that work for them such as the gym, workout programs like Insanity or Hip Hop Abs, Zumba classes, running, pole dancing classes, etc.


5.     They complete a detox at least once per year to rid their bodies of toxins

They recognize that in order for the body to function at its highest level it must let toxins out of the body that has built up over time. This is great to do as a jumpstart to a weight loss journey or just once a year to free your body of build-up. A good way to do this is by being a vegan for three weeks, and supplementing with a green drink/juicing, protein shakes, detox foot pads, colonics, or other detox methods.


6.     They eat a balance of carbohydrates and proteins

They eat balanced meals that heal the body and give it nutrient packed goodness!


7.     They portion all meals and plan ahead of time

They portion meals daily and plan meals especially ones they do not prepare. This includes measuring foods, packing snack bags ahead of time, and review restaurant menus prior to visiting.


8.     They read food labels closely

They take their time to read labels and make quick decisions about whether or not to consumer or purchase a food. This makes grocery shopping a little longer, but it gets easier and quicker with time. Label readings include: calories, protein, carb, sodium ,sugar, fiber, and the ingredient list.


9.     They regulate their beverage consumption

Believe it or not, what you drink adds to your calorie intake. Alcohol, sodas, sugary drinks all contribute to toxic overload in our bodies. Most fit & fab women opt for a mostly water lifestyle with occasional wine sipping and Crystal Light like mix ins.


10. They do not judge women who have not chosen  a healthy lifestyle

It is important to recognize that everyone has not gotten to a place in their life where they commit to better health. Everyone must go at their own pace and only embark on a healthy lifestyle change when ready.


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I Want to Know:

  • What commandments would you add to this list?
  • Did any of these surprise you?
  • Do you struggle with your weight?
  • Share your experiences with healthy living.