If someone were to ask you what your most important tool was, what would be the first thing to come to mind? Your laptop?  Your vehicle? Maybe even your cell phone? While each of these things are extremely useful and serve a much needed purpose in most of our lives, what if I told you that our most valuable tool is our body?

The question may at first seem odd, but after pondering on it for some time, you’ll begin to realize that what our body is capable of surpasses many of our ideas and expectations. Time and time again we see evidence of this through amazing feats of strength, bodybuilders who are also grandmothers and grandfathers, and athletes whose athletic abilities exceed the norm. It is our one and only greatest natural tool and so it is our responsibility to keep it sharp inside and out as we use it to help us excel.

One of the top ways to keep our body in tune is to engage in total body movements on a consistent basis. Our bodies were made to be active and in motion. It is what helps to keep us functioning efficiently , thus finding activities that mimic normal activities of daily life is ideal. Having access to a gym and advanced equipment is great, but it is not our only option for keeping our bodies physically fit. Regularly going for walks, jogs, bike rides, and even activities such as dancing is enough to keep your heart and lungs strong, your muscles trained, and the oxygen flowing throughout your body. For those who prefer to exercise in the comfort of their home, bodyweight exercises can be combined to formulate creative exercise routines. Focusing on engaging in some sort of movement consistently is what helps to keeps us moving through life with ease.

As with any other valuable tool requiring the best maintenance and care, it is imperative that we pay special attention to the foods we eat and the nutrients our body needs. This is the fuel that keeps us going, so it’s only right that it always come from quality sources.  As women, our bodies undergo unique changes that require us to receive higher amounts of certain vitamins and minerals. Some examples include:

  • Iron to help maintain healthy energy levels
  • Calcium to reduce our risk of osteoporosis
  • Vitamin E to manage our levels of estrogen
  • Folate to aid in healthy pregnancies and proper fetal development
  • Vitamin D to assist with nutrient absorption and weight loss efforts dealing with menopause

Often times, common complaints dealing with our health can be attributed to a diet which is not adequately sustaining our needs.  Small changes here can work wonders and yield amazing results to the way we look, feel, and function.

And what may be the most significant piece of this puzzle is ensuring that proper attention and care is given to our mind. The way we think, handle stress, and view ourselves plays a huge role in our body’s ability to run effectively. Chronic stress, lack of sleep, and high levels of anxiety can lead to decreased immune system functioning, temporary loss of short term memory, increased heart rate and blood pressure, and increased risk of heart disease. Our mindset and attitude is what allows us to effectively put our life happenings in order so that we are able to take care of what it is important—with health being at the top of that list. No matter how much physical activity we engage in or how health conscious we are when it comes to food, it all becomes null and void if stress is eating us from within.

My marathon-running, smoothie and salad-making mother always says that her body is a fine-tuned machine, and although it’s often said from a humorous place, she means it 100%, and I now fully understand its meaning.

To be at your best and top of our game, we must always ensure that we are maintaining our body, our health, and our spirit.

A worn down, tired body lacking movement and nutrition will become a body afflicted with injury, infection, disease, and chronic flare-ups. An overstressed and overworked mind will become one that lacks joy, optimism and peace. Ultimately, life will become one raided with unnecessary limitations—both physically and mentally—suitable no one’s liking. Let’s all take the time to assess where we need a tune-up so that we can continue to bring our A-game each and every day.

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