1. A statement necklace is a very simple way to upgrade an outfit. No matter how simple your look is, add style and dimension with a statement necklace.


2. Midi skirts and dresses are both stylish and classy. These are perfect for meeting the in-laws. They are elegant and chic without looking dowdy.


3. If you’re planning to have a casual and hearty Thanksgiving, go for leather leggings. You can easily dress up a sleek pair of leather leggings with heels or dress them down with boots. They are also great with blazers or your or an a pretty sweater.


4. A sweater dress is a classic and timeless piece that will go perfectly at home or if you’re visiting family or friends for Thanksgiving.  To make this look pop choose a dress in a rich color like red or burgundy or pair with fun tights.




5. A Pretty Sweater. Ditch the ugly holiday sweater for a pretty elegant sweater. Not only are they more stylish they look better in family photos.

I Want to Know:

  • Have you already chosen your Thanksgiving outfit?
  • Will you be incorporating any of the above items into your look?