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Girls With Dreams:

5 Steps to Setting Goals and Creating Vision Boards

Girls with dreams grow up to become women with vision. It is crucial for pre­teen and teen girls to cultivate their dreams as early as possible in order to put them on a path to becoming FIERCE, confident, and powerful women. All girls will walk away with their own vision boards at the end of this session.

During this workshop, you will learn:

•Why vision is so important and how famous celebrities even use it to create success

•The simple tip about goal setting that every girl needs to start using right away

•How to create a vision board that attracts opportunities and provides meaningful motivation on a daily basis

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall:

How to Fall In Love With Your SELFIE Once and For All

In the age of social media, we have fallen prey to comparing, competing, and envying other girl’s success. We can’t help but find fault within ourselves or wonder why our life is not quite turning out like everyone on our timeline or newsfeed or even around us in real life.

During this workshop, you will learn:

•Why social media and reality TV is distorting our perception of reality

•A simple, yet effective way to evaluate your “self” and the impact of social media on your self­ esteem and self­worth

• What every girl must focus on instead of “likes” and “followers” if she truly wants to be confident and beautiful in HER own way

•Taria’s signature 6 step method for unleashing your confidence and releasing doubt, fear, worry, and envy/comparison/competition of other girls

•A quick and practical way to speak life into yourself every day in the mirror

Love & War:

How to Better Understand Boys & Build Healthier Relationships

Girls often look to boys to provide them with the love that they so desperately need to give themselves. As a result, they struggle with relationships because they don’t know how to interact with boys in a healthy way. It often feels like girls are at war with boys, but this session will teach participants how to focus more on themselves to improve their relationships with boys.

During this workshop, you will learn:

• Why self­love plays a key role in attracting and building healthy relationships boys

• Why boys/men often seem so challenging to understand

• Steps to take to build healthier relationships with boys

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