If only the world was easier, more forgiving, and more open minded, living our lives would be so much easier. Being our true self would be even easier. We wouldn’t dare worry about fitting in, being perfect, or being rejected by others.

Yet, as soon as we get a little belief in ourselves, set our mind to something and start to go for it with the confidence we have built up, it works but not for long. It is usually short lived.

Then, we feel defeated. We begin to beat ourselves up because our momentum has run out. Our motiation has run low. Our faith begins to waiver. The self-sabotage sets in. Confidence drops.

Did you know that whenever it is time for us to STEP into our true power, and really be who we were meant to be that we naturally begin to doubt how worthy we are of being more successful, being happier, or having a better life?

You ever take a “risk” and step out on faith and try something new, but inside you feel some kind of way either you physically feel sick, start to worry, or even criticize yourself or others?
If so, then you are human! That is normal because this is the point in which you have  hit your “upper limit”

Recently, I finish reading “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks. Hendricks argues that all of us should be living from what he calls our “ZONE OF GENIUS.” This is our most confident and empowered self living our best life and fulfilling our God given purpose. The place we all desire to be.

However, so many of us never make it there because the ‘zone of genius’ is above the “limit of success” we think we can have. Once we move beyond our usual habits, thoughts, and actions and start moving closer to our zone of genius. We tend to sabotage ourselves so that we shrink back into the familiar zone of living we are use to.

There are 4 major barriers, according to  Hendricks that keep us “limited” and unable to fully own our confidence and live the life we desire and deserve. Read through the 4 and identify which 1 or 2 is currently holding you back:

  1. Believing you are flawed
    • Think you are bad or unworthy in some way and don’t deserve good things to happen to you. If good happens, you find a way to sabotage it. As a result, you play it safe and stay small.
  2. Believing that by becoming more confident & living a better life you will be disloyal and/or leave people behind in the past
    • Think we are being disloyal to our roots/family/friends if we rise above where they are and in turn might potentially become abandoned or rejected
  3. Believe that you are a burden in the world
    • Think you must sabtoage success so you won’t be a bigger burdern, especially if you are still carrying childhood baggage with you
  4. Believe that you must dim your light so that you won’t outshine someone else
    • Think you must hold back fully expressing who you really are so you don’t look, do, feel, and live better then others, especially true for smart and successful women!

Which 1 or 2 resonate with you?

**Journal about this and explore it deeper**

After reading the book which goes in more depth with each one. I discovered that my “upper limit” barriers were 2 and 4. I journaled about it and discovered that being a CEO and running Regal Realness over the last few years has caused me to bump up against limit after limit…and each time I feel it and then break through it! It’s not always easy but I  know what I am called to do so I honor that by keep going.

Regardless of how much progess you make on your self-love and confidence journey and no matter how successful you become your “barriers” will continue to pop up every time you try to make a new “LEAP” in your life.

Many clients I work with and women who purchased my self-love journal are always amazed at how uncomfortable they feel working through the exercises I give them because it addresses these barriers.
If you want to have unstoppable confidence, then you better get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You have to work through  the discomfort in order to get to the other side.

Growing and changing is painful. It is hard work. It is a brave and courageous act to personally develop yourself. Some days are easy. Some days are hard. But, it beats being unhappy & unfulfilled any day.

Are you willing to do what it takes to break
through the LIMITS that are keepig you stuck?

If so, then click here for the chance to work with me 1-on-1.

Comment Below:

  • Which one or two are blocking your confidence?
  • Have you realized your limits start to show up as you move forward?

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