Studio Portrait Of Stressed Teenage Girl

When we feel ready to try something new or different, doubt fills your every thought.

When we feel called to go to the next level in our lives, fear musters its way in.

When we feel called to be more, do more, and have more, worry trickles into our beliefs.

Just like that, we stay stuck.

We refuse to move forward. We never meet our goals. We never step into our power. We never get to live the life we truly want. We end up suffering and unsatisfied with ourselves and our lives.

Little do we know our thoughts are holding us the hell back!
People really underestimate the power your thinking has on your life.

Whatever we are experiencing in our lives is a direct reflection of your previous thoughts up until this moment.

That’s right…I said it! Your life is all you boo! You created it.

Now don’t get me wrong, wherever you are in life is all a part of your divine path and any negative experiences, abuse, or trauma is not your fault. Those experiences rather are here to stretch you, evolve you, and grow you through the lessons they bring and wisdom they provide.

We are here to learn, to grow, and to become the most authentic version of ourselves.

Life lessons, failures, mistakes, and negative experiences are the catalyst God gives us to help us move one step closer to the woman he designed and destined you to be.

Although there is a divine plan, you are still a co-creator of your life and how it unfolds.

You are still the engineer making a blueprint.
You are still the captain stirring the ship.
You are still the artist creating the masterpiece.

The difference between you creating a masterpiece or a messy piece is the strokes you add to your canvas.

You strokes being your thoughts and the colors you use to convey this message.

Using black and other dark hues to constantly color your thoughts keeps you trapped in the cycles of suffering, being unfulfilled, feeling inferior, doubting yourself, fearing the worst case scenario, worrying even if praying, and wallowing in insecurities.

Food for thought:
What do you tell yourself about 

yourself when no one else is around?

Your thoughts matter. Thoughts become things. It’s best to choose the good ones.

It’s best to paint your canvas with bright hues and colors that reflect the happiness and wholeness, fulfillment and fun, purpose and pleasure, love and laughter, worthiness and wealth-iness, & brilliance and beauty that you desire.

Peep this experiment on how powerful our thoughts are on creating the world around us:

Dr. Masatu Emoto is known to do scientific experiments on positive vs. negative thinking. He did a “rice experiment” for 147 days.

He took three jars. Placed cook white rice in each. He labeled as follows:

Jar 1- Thanks     Jar 2- Left blank     Jar 3- Fool.



He then talked to the jars aloud according to their labels. The blank jar was left blank with the intention to be ignored.

On Day 147: The “Thanks” jar rice was still perfectly white and normal.

On Day 147: The “blank/ignored” jar rice had begun to rot and turn dark brown

On Day 147: The “fool” jar rice had begun turning brown on the top layer of the rice

Consequently, this experiment shows that our THOUGHTS create our lives, and whether they be positive or negative…they will eventually manifest on the visible plane.

This experiment has since sparked many other people to give it a try using other items such as filling jars with water and watching it mold over time and one of my favorites with apples from author Danielle Laporte.

The apple experiment is detailed in my new book, You Were Born to Glow: How to Unleash the Confident & Empowerment Woman Within, releasing Summer 2015.

It is time you laid to rest the thoughts that no longer serve you.

It is time to stop doubting yourself. Stop not believing in yourself and your power. Stop not feeling worthy. Stop not feeling good enough. Stop worrying about what others think. Stop comparing yourself to other women. Stop hating parts of yourself. Stop wanting others to like you. Stop wanting to be someone else.

Start telling yourself more loving, kind, and compassionate things. Even if you have to fake it until you make it. It is worth it. If rice can turn, then imagine how your thoughts are working for you.

Here are some self-reflection questions to answer:

  • What negative thoughts are holding me back?
  • How can I rephrase my thoughts to make them more positive?
  • What new, positive thoughts, words, and phrases do I need to add into my life?

Own your thoughts. Own the new reality you wish to see in your life.

Then begin to TELL yourself boldly and unapologetically that you are the bomb and your life is all that and a bag of chips…with some dip on the side for added bliss, love, and enjoyment!!