So excited to announce that PINK FRIDAY has arrived! As a proud #BLM girl I am happy to announce my post on Breast Cancer Awareness which is a part of the #BLMGirlsGoPink blog hop. Our goals is to spread awareness to everyone, and join in sisterhood through our blogging!!!

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month it is important that I share with you some quick tips that could SAVE your life! Whether you are 22, 52 or, 82 breast cancer could happen to YOU especially if you are a woman of color. Although breast cancer is diagnosed less in women of color, if it is detected it is much more aggressive and death rates are significantly higher. This post is a matter of getting REAL about an issue in our community that we often don’t discuss besides this month. Conducting a Breast Self Exam on yourself or by a partner is an essential skill for you to have, and it promotes a stronger connection to your lovely body! Getting in tune with your body beyond your breast is the ultimate goal of a fabulous and empowered women…it means you love yourself because you know yourself and your body! LOVING + CHECKING YOUR BOOBIES = LOVING YOURSELF + YOUR BODY

You should see the doctor soon as possible if you detect any of the following:

-Lump in the breast

-Rash around nipple

-Blood or fluid discharge

-Swollen and thicken skin

-Retracted nipple

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