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Purposed & Paid Bundle is the ultimate bundle for entrepreneurs looking to elevate their online presence, be seen more as an expert, and converts browsers online into buyers of their products and services.

The foundation of this bundle is a 60 page ebook that outlines how to build a BOSS business model and brand for your ideal client/customer. This bundle also includes a number of video masterclasses to position you as a BOSS brand online, help you start a blog, write book, or even create your own first online course.


  • You need a roadmap to help you actually take action in your business
  • You have researched business and branding but you still don’t know where to start
  • You want to have a stronger social media presence
  • You already started but feel stuck and stagnant in your business
  • You have a product or service but don’t know how to get more visibility, sales, or clients/customers

If you read the e-book and complete the exercises + watch the classes included, you will:

  • Pinpoint your purpose and multiple ways to monetize your gifts, talents, and skills
  • Know exactly what type of mindset to adopt to step fully into BOSS mode
  • Learn the little known facts about branding, marketing, and selling that only true business bosses know with space to outline your brand and marketing plan
  • Discover the process you take people through to get them to buy from you (Sales Funnels 101)
  • Get access to a host of ideas of how to turn your purpose into products or services to offer people
  • Learn how to outline your “signature talk” if you want to be a speaker or the “chapters” in a  book if you want to be an author

See examples from other girlbosses and how they pull all of the elements of business together to impact people in a BIG way!


  • Find Your FIERCE Purpose Masterclass Audio
  • Build a BOSS Brand Video Masterclass
  • Create Your First Course Video  Masterclass
  • How to Create a Blog in 5 Easy Steps Mini Video Masterclass
  • How to Write, Market, & Monetize Your Book Masterclass

10 Steps to Turn Your Purpose into Profit Worksheet (Bonus)


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