Taria Pritchett: Speaker | Author

It’s time to stop settling for bootleg happiness girl.

The real thing is much, much better.

You’ve been saying one too many times:

“I’ve got to get my shit together.”

I get it girl, I get it.

You’ve got potential…a LOT of it. You’ve got big dreams. You’re talented, beautiful, driven (even if you don’t see all of this yet).

But lately…

• You feel like you are falling short on living the life you dream about…and you’re sick and tired of it.

• Whether it is in love, your job or business, your body image or just with your confidence, you know you want to make a big change because it is holding you back from

• You know all about vision boards, affirmations, and I bet I could find a self-help book (or 10) on your book shelf right now. But it’s tougher than you thought to go applying all of that.

• You’re frustrated with your life feeling so mediocre. And when you see other people getting what they want, you’re really happy for them but also feel bad knowing you’re still stuck at the starting line.

In two words? You’re DONE.

You’re DONE feeling like this when it seems like everyone else is really LIVING their life and doing big things.

And to be honest, I’m DONE too.

I’m done seeing women like you settling for all of this.  You deserve a hell of a lot more.

And I’m here to help.

You were never meant to play small, be shy, settle for less, or struggle.

And when we work together, you’ll unleash your fierce and never look back.

Here’s how:

• Recognizing your worth and how deserving you are of “having it all.”

• Fearlessly moving out of your “comfort zone” to experience your dream life

• Focusing less on the negative and more on the positive

• Having a go-to strategy to handle setbacks or when all hell breaks loose in your life

• Retraining your mindset to stop doubting yourself

• Stop competing and comparing yourself to other women

• Feeling more fearless, empowered, powerful, successful, and beautiful.

• Finding your voice more so you can “speak up” when you need to the most.

• Setting new standards for yourself and changing how you show up in the world.

• Having simple rituals and routines you can use every day to keep your confidence high, your faith strong, and your doubts and fears low.