Gabi Gregg

For most of my life I have been plus size. Despite my recent fifty pound weight loss I am still considered plus size, and even as I continue to dwindle down my hips will not let me forget or deny the curvy girl in me.

There are some who embrace the extra-ness that comes with being plus size and then there are some who don’t. Those who do work it right, make thick look good. (In no way, shape, or form am I promoted unhealthiness and obesity) But, rather I am promoting the need to work with what you got it. Even if your extra cushion is only temporary, please ladies do us all a favor including yourself and work it right.

In order to truly work it right you must really be happy with the woman you are in the inside. This will translate to your outside and show up in the way you choose to walk, talk, and dress. If you have confidence you can just about wear anything and make it look good.

Gabbi Gregg

Gabbi Gregg

For example, Gabi Gregg, plus size fashion blogger has gone viral online for her “tankini” swim suits she has made famous simply because she was a thick girl, who believed in herself enough to say, “to hell with media’s standards of beauty that won’t define me and hold me back from looking cute.” Gabbi did just that and she rocks her swim suits right.

Confidence is beauty on fire when it comes from within. [Tweet This!] How hot does she look? Hotter than hot. Her confidence is glowing from her inside. It doesn’t matter that she isn’t a size 2, what matters is that she embraces and loves her body and self enough to have the courage to rock a tankini that most wouldn’t dare rock and post pictures of. Gabi has it right. Do you?


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I want to hear from you:

  • Do you rock your confidence from the inside? Is it a struggle?
  • Are you depending on outside sources such as the media to give confidence?
  • Would you have the courage to rock your plus size body in this way?
  • What are your favorite curvy girl clothes, stores, blogs, and inspirations?