A confident woman can happily look at herself in the mirror, naked, because she is comfortable in her own skin. She embraces herself from her hair follicles to her toe nails, inside and out. [Tweet This!]


Why do I hate what I’m wearing right now?

Is that my arm fat hanging over the side of my shirt?

Maybe they were right my hair really is nappy or thick? Maybe natural just isn’t for me?

More stretch marks? Oh my!

What’s that on my face? Lord, why me?

Damn, I wish I could have Beyonce’s body right now!

I’m fat and I just hate myself, when will this end?

No wonder I shy away from taking pictures, look at me!

If I was only a little lighter I would look prettier.

I would look better if….(you dream….)


You would look better if you drop all of this BS for once. All of it is total nonsense. Pure malarkey!   Did it ever occur to you that if these are your thoughts that something just is not matching up right?

What you think you should look like and what you actually look like does not match.

Here’s where the BS lies: in the fact that you are not in love with the woman in the mirror because you have allowed either society and the media’s limiting beliefs to affect you, other people’s harmful words still sting you, or you’re hurting yourself by thinking negative thoughts about yourself. Yeah, yeah…everyone will boast that you need to love yourself first. But, the real question, is how do you do that? How do you start to love the woman in the mirror? How do you stare into your eyes so deeply you can feel your soul? How do you embrace every bump, lump, freckle, pimple, stretchmark, curl, or wave in your hair? What if you could be more comfortable in your own skin? This means dropping the BS lines you tell yourself about your body that you just do not like, and embracing a new way of being and believing in the world. After all, what do you have to lose? I strongly believe that confidence comes from within not the media, material things, or men.” [Click to Tweet!]  This is something you will just have to do on your own for the betterment of yourself and those around you…trust me they will love you for it! So, are you ready to fall in love with the woman you see in the mirror? It is said that it takes 21 days of continuous activity in order to change a habit. Therefore, I have created three weeks worth of resources to take you from where you are now to being more confident, more comfortable, and more courageous about embracing your body in its most natural form: naked.   Go from “Hell to the no-this body has got to go” to “Hell yeah I’m comfortably naked in the mirror, shower, or bed.” Click for instant access Regal Resource Love Self in Mirror Guide  

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  • Why do you think learning to love yourself from the inside out is important?
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